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Soul Calibur 6 1.51 Update Patch Notes

A brand new update is available to download and install for Soul Calibur 6 across PS4, Xbox One, and PC today. Skip to the end of this guide to have a read through the complete list of Soul Calibur 6 1.51 update patch notes. If you’d rather stick with us for a little while longer, however (who would blame you?), we’ll run you through a selection of the Soul Calibur 6 version 1.51 update highlights down below. Remember, any replay data you’ve recorded before version 1.51 cannot be replayed after you download the update.

Soul Calibur 6 1.51 Update Highlights

Soul Calibur 6 1.51 update

The 1.51 update for Soul Calibur 6 doesn’t add in any new features. Instead, this update is primarily a character balance adjustment patch. These are all fixes that have been made to the game to iron out a few errors that were appearing following the game’s 1.50 update.

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Character Balance Adjustments

As stated above, plenty of the patch notes for the Soul Calibur 6 1.51 update act as adjustments for character balance. Most of them are centered around the game’s newest character, Cassandra. You’ll find, for example, that Cassandra’s “Angel Kick-off” attack has been altered so that enemies rolling on the ground after being hit by it should no longer fall off the stage. Cassandra, too, will only be able to recover guard stamina via the use of Force Act during battles. There are more Cassandra alterations in the full list of patch notes down below.

It’s not just Cassandra that has been altered, however. Azwel has been looked at… as well. Azwel’s “No More Naysayer” attack has had its tracking performance decreased, which should make it possible to avoid the attack by moving sideways once more. Read through the complete list of the 1.51 update patch notes to discover all of the balance adjustments.

Soul Calibur 6 1.51 Update Patch Notes

Soul Calibur 6 1.51 update

Read through the complete list of Soul Calibur 6 1.51 update patch notes below, courtesy of Bandai Namco:

Game System Adjustments

We fixed unexpected issues that may affect battles in Update Ver. 1.50 Patch Notes, released on August 5th, 2019.

(Please note that once the patch is applied, the replay data from previous versions can no longer be replayed due to the game system adjustment)

  • Some attacks that give chip damage to guarding opponents

We fixed an issue where, despite the fact that chip damage cannot knock-out opponents even when their HP gauge is reduced to zero, this was not the case for Cassandra’s “Keraunos Finisher” or “Shield Big Bang”.

  • Force Act

Cassandra can now only restore the guard stamina by performing Force Act during battles.

  • Cassandra: “Admonishing Angel”

As its tracking performance when hitting an opponent in the air was much higher than expected, sometimes the opponent could not avoid the attack by aerial control. Therefore, the tracking performance in this scenario and also the height the opponent flies in the air with the second attack are now decreased.

  • Cassandra: “Angel Kick-off”

We fixed an issue where an opponent rolling on the ground in downed position sometimes fell off the stage when hit by this attack.

  • Cassandra: “Guardian’s Knee”/”Seraphim Cyclone”

We fixed an issue where these throws were sometimes successful to opponents in the air instead of crouching opponents.

  • Cassandra: “Shield Super Nova”/”Shield Big Bang”

We fixed an issue where an attack to Cassandra when she is starting up these attacks were not judged as counter attacks.

  • Azwel: “No More Naysayer”

As its tracking performance was increased in Ver.1.50 update, sometimes an opponent could not avoid the attack by moving sideway. Therefore, the tracking performance is now decreased.