Pokemon Masters Android 10 Bug | Why does Pokemon Masters keep crashing?

It seems that there’s a big Pokemon Masters Android 10 bug doing the rounds. Android released the latest version of the operating system this week, but while it’s improved plenty of things, it’s also caused issues with DeNA’s new release. Players have reported that Pokemon Masters keeps crashing and that they can’t get past the game’s black screen of death. If you’ve come up against this foe, you’ll want to find out how to fix it. Luckily, our Pokemon Masters Android 10 bug guide is here to help. Dive in to see what’s what, Trainer.

Pokemon Masters Android 10 Bug | Black screen glitch

Pokemon Masters Android 10 Bug

The Pokemon Masters Android 10 bug is, as obvious as it sounds, only affecting people who have updated their phone’s software to the latest Android operating system. People who are playing on Android 7, 8, or 9 remain unaffected by it, but those with Android 10 can’t access DeNA’s spin-off game at all.

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Threads have popped up on the Android Central and Pokemon Masters Reddit pages since Android 10 went live on September 3. Users in both threads have complained that the game crashes as soon as they try to load it up. Anyone who somehow manages to get it loaded is met with a black screen, though.

With Pokemon Masters only just being released itself, it stands to reason that there simply isn’t yet a version of it that works on Android 10.

How to fix Pokemon Masters Android 10 Bug

Pokemon Masters Android 10 Bug

Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to fix this. As we mentioned above, DeNA won’t have ported the game over to Android 10 as it didn’t exist while the game was being developed. Android 10 has been in its beta phase during that time, so the developers at DeNA won’t have got their hands on it to make the game compatible with this new OS.

The safest thing to do is to stick with Android 9 or an older OS until Pokemon Masters is made to be fully compatible with Android 10. If you have already updated your software, you’ll just have to wait until DeNA resolves this issue before you can play it again.