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Gears 5 Connection Issues | Matchmaking error fix (Xbox One and PC)

Gears 5 connection issues appear to be hitting some players hard on launch day, with matchmaking errors preventing users from finding matches in the Versus, Horde, and Escape modes. Thankfully, it seems like developer The Coalition is on the case. If you’re an Xbox One or PC user suffering from these issues, read on for everything you need to know.

How to fix Gears 5 connection issues

Gears 5 Connection Issues

If you’re used to playing AAA multiplayer games on release day, you’ll likely have experienced connection issues like this before. However, that doesn’t make the problem okay, as suffering errors like this can really ruin that launch day hype. Thankfully, it looks like developer The Coalition is looking to roll out server-side updates to help bring stability to the game.

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Service updates are being posted to the developer’s official Twitter account, @CoalitionGears. At the time of writing, the latest update at 10:20 PM PT confirms that another update is being rolled out, which targets “increased stability.” If you’re attempting to play Gears 5 at this time, you may be kicked and have to enter back into the multiplayer modes.

The developers are also using Twitter to respond directly to player questions and complaints. User @WisdomGirlPower asked when an Nvidia update is expected, to which @CoalitionGears responded with “GRD [Game Ready Drivers] for Nvidia are due on September 10.”

While it’s never nice to see a game suffering from launch day problems, especially a game like Gears 5 with its popular multiplayer modes, it’s at least reassuring to see the developer communicating with players, instead of keeping quiet.

If you’re having Gears 5 connection issues, first check that the issue isn’t on your side, by resetting your router and PC. If your internet is working fine for other programs and devices, then it’s likely the game. Await the new updates and hopefully the experience should become more stable and enjoyable!