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NBA 2K20 Face Scan Not Working | How to fix

We bet that you’re one of the many players who have encountered the NBA 2K20 face scan not working bug. To be fair, you wouldn’t be here otherwise. You aren’t alone in being plagued by face scan not loading properly, so you’ll need our help to find out how to fix it. Read our NBA 2K20 face scan not working guide to find out what the problem is and a couple of solutions to try and resolve it for you. Those three-pointers aren’t going to shoot themselves with a generic face, after all.

NBA 2K20 Face Scan Not Working | Why won’t face scan load properly?

NBA 2K20 Face Scan Not Working

Face scan is required for the MyPlayer part of NBA 2K20, and it allows you to upload your own face to the game so you can act out your NBA fantasy in-game. Or that’s how it should work if face scan would work. There have been Reddit threads popping up about the situation since the game launched on September 6 and, by all accounts, it isn’t the first time this has happened in an NBA 2K game.

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Some Reddit users have queried if others have been able to get the Face Scan app to work especially on iPhone X, while others have lamented EA’s ability to make face scan work at all. The problem was present for the game’s demo too, so there must be some solutions to this error by now.

How to fix NBA 2K20 Face Scan Not Working bug

NBA 2K20 Face Scan Not Working

There are a couple of things you can try if you want to fix this problem, but people have had varying levels of success with them. Try them out for yourself but, if the problem persists, you might have to contact EA Help for some support.

First, ensure that you remove any glasses, hats, and other accessories before taking a photograph. These can impair the Face Scan app’s ability to get your features right. Next, make sure you’re taking the scan in good lighting as any shadows will cause issues too. Finally, ask a friend or family member to take the picture using your mobile phone’s rear-facing camera. Taking a selfie can make for a blurry image if your arm isn’t steady, and you might get your angles wrong when looking into the camera too.