Doom vodka is made from the bones of slaughtered cows

Bethesda has today announced that, in collaboration with Rebel Distillery, it has created a Doom vodka that’s infused with beef bones. Said to be inspired by the “hellish” world of upcoming id Software shooter Doom Eternal, the spirit will be produced in a “limited amount” and aims to turn heads as a unique promotional tool in the run-up to the game’s launch later this year.

The press release somewhat tenuously compares Doom Eternal to a “barbeque pit with action,” apparently making this smoked bone vodka a perfect and sensical accompaniment to the game. Anyone concerned for the cows involved in the production of DOOM Bone Vodka can rest easy, however, as the beef bones are “ethically sourced” from renowned London butcher The Ginger Pig, according to Rebel Distillers founder Matt McGivern.

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Coming in a ham hock-inspired bottle, the alcoholic treat is now available to preorder from its dedicated website. Purchasers in the UK, Europe, and Australia can expect to start seeing their orders shipped at the end of this month, though prospective buyers from elsewhere in the world will need to sign up for updates on when the product will be made available in their region.

How will it taste, though? DOOM Bone Vodka has an organic wheat base that apparently makes it a great choice for vodka lovers, boasting a “dry, earthy start on the palate, with wonderful umami and buttery feel on the tongue, rounding off with a smokey and peppery finish which lingers on the palate.” Perhaps nothing has ever sounded less badass and Doom-like that that, but even the Doomslayer could apparently go for an ice-cold glass, perhaps via a “bone marrow luge” as recommended for “hedonistic” folks by Bethesda.

Be sure to grab yourself a bottle if you’re interested because, as aforementioned, the £45 (~$55), 700ml Doom vodka is only available in limited supply. If you’d rather stick to Doom video games, Doom Eternal is due out November 22 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.