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Gears 5 Phosphorus Mission | How to protect Jack

If the Gears 5 Phosphorus mission is getting you down, and you want to know how to stop Jack from dying over and over again, then you’ve come to the right place. We have also endured the painful mission in Act 2 Chapter 4, where the player has to defend Jack the robot as it carries Phosphorus to the skiff. Enemies need shooting and, if you don’t push up quickly enough, they will rapidly overwhelm Jack. This is extremely difficult on harder difficulties, as enemies can absorb a lot more damage.

How to complete the Gears 5 Phosphorus mission

Gears 5 Phosphorus Mission

The Gears 5 Phosphorus mission is one of the more tricky objectives to complete, as it’s an escort mission. The need to escort an A.I. companion is one of the more infamously frustrating mission types in gaming, as the player has little to no control over the A.I. character, meaning they often get themselves into trouble and cause a mission failure. Unfortunately, Jack the robot isn’t great at keeping himself alive in the Act 2 Chapter 4 Phosphorus mission.

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If you’re struggling to keep Jack from getting blown up, especially on the harder difficulties, you’ll want to keep these tips in mind:

  • Use your lancer instead of power weapons.
    • An active reloaded lancer can melt enemies with well-aimed headshots. What’s more, it can hold a lot of ammo, which comes in handy for dealing with the sudden onslaught of enemies.
  • Ensure you’ve stockpiled grenades for the fight.
    • Before you need to escort Jack, there are many opportunities for you to stock up on grenades. Ensure you do this and save them for crowded areas.
  • Try and try again!
    • How quickly Jack dies can be pretty inconsistent between attempts. Sometimes Jack gets instantly shredded by enemy fire, while at other times he seems to be able to tank it alone for a little while. If it’s too tough on attempt number one, be sure to hit restart and try again.