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Apex Legends Care Packages Not Spawning Bug

If you’ve noticed the Apex Legends Care Packages not spawning bug, know that you’re not alone. After spending the weekend completing various challenges, I suddenly found myself unable to complete a “Loot 2 Care Packages” daily challenge, in addition to the “Get 10 knockdowns with the L-STAR” Battle Pass challenge. Care Packages not dropping has been causing me major issues, and with no clear reason why. Here’s what you need to know about these possible Apex Legends bugged Care Packages.

Why aren’t Care Packages spawning in Apex Legends?

Apex Legends Care Packages Not Spawning Bug

Care Packages not spawning in Apex Legends is a major issue for players. Not only does it disable one of the most interesting parts of gameplay, where players have to weigh the risk and reward of going for one of the drops, but it also prevents users from completing daily challenges. So, where have the Apex Legends Care Packages gone?

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Developer Respawn Entertainment is usually pretty quick to recognize issues with its game, posting on a dedicated Trello board that is publicly available. At the time of writing, there isn’t yet any mention of a Care Packages not spawning bug, which means that a fix is less likely to be in the works.

While I and many others are reporting missing Care Packages, other players are seemingly still able to find them. This issue doesn’t seem to be affecting everyone, though it isn’t clear why.

In one of my matches, despite never hearing an announcement for a Care Package, I did encounter and kill an enemy who was using a Kraber sniper rifle, which is only available as a Care Package drop.

Normally, when a Care Package is landing on the map, all players are shown the landing area and an audio warning is played. For whatever reason, this is no longer happening for some players.