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Monster Hunter World Conflagrant Sac Location | Which monster drops Conflagrant Sacs?

The Conflagrant Sac is one of the new Master Rank crafting materials found in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. Some of the more powerful new armor requires Conflagrant Sacs to produce, and so, you’ll want to find which monsters drop them. We’ll show you every location in Monster Hunter World where you can find a Conflagrant Sac below.

What monsters drop Conflagrant Sacs in Monster Hunter World?

You can get Conflagrant Sacs from a number of creatures in Monster Hunter World. However, one thing to keep in mind is that since it’s a Master Rank material, you’ll only find it in Master Rank expeditions or quests.

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The Conflagrant Sac is a rarity 9 material that is described as: “A monster organ that contains highly volatile and extremely explosive powder. Exquisitely dangerous.” From that text, you can make the guess that you’ll find the sacs by hunting monsters which have explosive breath.

The following monsters drop Conflagrant Sacs as a reward in Monster Hunter World:

  • Anjanath
  • Azure Rathalos
  • Lavasioth
  • Pink Rathian
  • Rathalos
  • Rathian
  • Uragaan

What can I craft with Conflagrant Sacs in Monster Hunter World?

You’ll need these sacs for quite a few of the higher level Master Rank armors. You can find the armors that require the material and how many sacs you’ll need below:

Armor NameArmor TypeConflagrant Sacs Required
Anja Helm Alpha +Head Armor3
Anja Helm Beta +Head Armor3
Anja Vambraces Alpha +Arm Armor2
Anja Vambraces Beta +Arm Armor2
Artian Vambraces Alpha +Arm Armor4
Artian Vambraces Beta +Arm Armor4
Lavasioth Mail Alpha +Chest Armor6
Lavasioth Mail Beta +Chest Armor6
Rath Heart Greaves Alpha +Leg Armor3
Rath Heart Greaves Beta +Leg Armor3
Rathalos Coil Alpha +Waist Armor3
Rathalos Coil Beta +Waist Armor3
Rathalos Greaves Alpha +Leg Armor3
Rathalos Greaves Beta +Leg Armor3
Rathian Greaves Alpha +Leg Armor3
Rathian Greaves Beta +Leg Armor3

As you can see, there’s some excellent armor that requires the Conflagrant Sac. Luckily, they’re not too hard to get once you have a list of the monsters that reward them.