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NBA 2K20 Name Glitch | Why does MyPlayer creation have no name?

If you’re one of the many players that have been left annoyed by the NBA 2K20 name glitch, we’re here to help. Gamers across the land have been left infuriated by this bug which results in MyPlayer creations having no name on their jerseys. If you want to know how to fix this error without having to wait on 2K Games or Visual Concepts to release a patch, we can provide some assistance. Check out our NBA 2K20 name glitch guide for more details.

NBA 2K20 Name Glitch | MyPlayer no name bug

NBA 2K20 Name Glitch

The NBA 2K20 name glitch is one of the biggest issues that players have with this year’s entry in the franchise. There have been tons of posts written about it on social media, on Reddit, and forums as gamers seek out a way to try to resolve it.

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Players have already told one another, such as in this Reddit thread, that they’ve lodged complaint tickets with 2K support but are yet to hear back about possible solutions. The silence from 2K is deafening with this bug, and some others to boot, and it’s led to a “#fix2k20” hashtag to do the rounds on Twitter over the past few days.

How to Fix NBA 2K20 Name Glitch

NBA 2K20 Name Glitch

There isn’t a definitive fix for this bug just yet. One will likely come in a future patch as, even though there have been two updates to the game so far, neither one has sorted this out.

There is a workaround that you can try if you’re sick of not seeing your player name, though. If you enter your last name before your first name in the character creation section, your name should appear on your player’s jersey. This has been verified by 2K Support as a temporary fix until the team can resolve it properly. Hopefully, this will work for you like it has for others.