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Anno 1800 5.1 Update Patch Notes (September 13)

A new Anno 1800 update will be available to download tomorrow, September 13. Skip to the end of this guide to read through the complete list of Anno 1800 5.1 update patch notes. Stay with us a little while longer, however, and we’ll run you through a selection of the Anno 1800 version 5.1 update highlights. While there isn’t too much to write home about concerning this Anno 1800 September 13 update, it does bring with it a number of important fixes and changes. Read all about the various bug fixes and improvements below.

Anno 1800 5.1 Update Highlights

Anno 1800 5.1 update

As stated above, there aren’t too many patch notes to tell you about in the 5.1 update for Anno 1800. While small, though, it is still an important update. The Anno 1800 September 13 update brings with it a good number of fixes that the developers needed to implement following the game’s last major update. As such, once you install the 5.1 update, the game should be generally improved.

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Bug Fixes

In total, there are nine bug fixes that have been implemented thanks to the new Anno 1800 update. This includes a handy stability fix. Following the last game update, the developers and players noted how the game could crash when you were converting Scrap at Old Nate’s Island Harbor. Thankfully, this issue should now be gone. Twitch Drops should now be working again, too. The consumption of wares should now affect resident Happiness once again, too.

It’s not just bug fixes that have been applied, either. A couple of gameplay aspects have been altered. The chance you receive musical scores as a reward has been increased, as to has the Botanical Expedition events chance. Read through the complete list of patch notes down below to find out more.

Anno 1800 5.1 Update Patch Notes

Anno 1800 5.1 update

Read through the complete list of Anno 1800 5.1 update patch notes below, courtesy of Ubisoft:

  • Fixed a stability issue where the title could crash while convert scrap at Old Nate’s Island Harbour.
  • Fixed a situation where the Twitch Drops would not be in-game anymore after the Botanica-Update.
  • Fixed a situation where players were unable to manually load/unload at the pier.
  • Fixed an issue where items or materials would get lost when diving with a full Salvager ship.
  • Fixed a visualization issue where the infotip for railway construction would not update properly upon placement.
  • Fixed an unintended spawning issue where quest givers could show up on sea areas.
  • Fixed an issue where trading items would no longer have differences between buy and sell costs.
  • Fixed an issue where an user would be unable to delete multiple pavement tiles at the same time.
  • Fixed an issue where prohibiting consumption of wares didn’t affect resident happiness anymore.
  • Increased reward chance of musical scores.
  • Increased botanical expedition events chance.