Dr. Stone Episode 11 Release Date

Want to catch up with the latest Dr. Stone episode, but are unsure of the air date? That’s where we come in. If you’re after the Dr. Stone episode 11 release date, this is definitely the place to be. In this guide, we’ll let you in on the air date for the latest Dr. Stone episode and the best place to watch it both subbed and dubbed. Below, you’ll find the latest Dr. Stone episode release dates and times in the U.S. and U.K.

When is the Dr. Stone episode 11 release date?

Dr. Stone episode 11

Anime sure is a pesky thing to pin down. Release dates seemingly change at the drop of a hat and whether it is in its original Japanese dub with subtitles or in English dub. We’re here to, hopefully, clear up some of the confusion. Thankfully, barring any last-minute delays or schedule changes, the Dr. Stone episode 11 release date should be Friday, September 13.

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You should have no issues watching the latest Dr. Stone episode in its subbed form, as it is simulcast around the globe. The Dr. Stone episode 11 U.S. release time should be 7:30 AM Pacific/ 10:30 AM Eastern. The Dr. Stone U.K. release time should, therefore, be 3:30 PM.

In order to watch Dr. Stone as it goes live, we recommend that you head on over to Crunchyroll. Simply head to the site or app at the date and time above to watch the latest subbed episode of Dr. Stone. If you can’t see it, refresh the page until you do. As always, it’s worth keeping an eye on relevant social media channels in case of any last-minute delays.

Dr. Stone episode 11 English dub release time

Dr. Stone episode 11

If subbed anime isn’t your cup of tea, you will thankfully be able to watch the latest episode of Dr. Stone in its English dub soon. Dr. Stone is currently airing its English dub during the Toonami block on Adult Swim. You can also watch the English dub on Funimation.

As of writing, both services are a few episodes behind the Japanese subbed schedule. You should be able to catch Dr. Stone on Toonami every Saturday night. Currently, the Toonami airing is up to episode 4 (airs on September 14). Funimation, meanwhile, has up to episode 8 available as of writing. It appears as Dr. Stone episode 9 dubbed will be available via Funimation tomorrow, September 13.