Super Stickman Golf 2 iPhone Cheats


Unlockable Tours

To unlock the following tours, complete the following tasks.

Tour 2 - Reach golfer level 3

Tour 3 - Reach golfer level 6

Tour 4 - Reach golfer level 9

Tour 5 - Reach golfer level 12

Unlockable Powerups

To unlock the following powerups, complete the following tasks.

Air Brakes - Get 6 gold stars

Hazard Swap - Par 7 courses

Ice Ball - Par Ice Land

Laser Ball - Par Laser Lab

Magnet Ball - Par Magnet Land

Nitro Ball - Reach golfer level 15

Sticky Ball - Par Sticky Land

Super Ball - Get 20 achievements

Unlockable Courses

To unlock the following courses, complete the following tasks.

Candy Land - Par City Land

City Land - Par Sandy Land

Greens Land - Par Sticky Land

Icy Land - Par Stony Land

Magnet Land - Par Stickier Land

Raspberry Hills - Par Grassy Land

Sandy Land - Par Portal Lab

Stickier Land - Par Icy Land

Sticky Land - Par Raspberry Hills

Unlockable Characters

To unlock the following characters, complete the following tasks.

Golden Child - Reach golfer level 60

Mummy - Reach golf level 3

Ninja - Reach golfer level 10

Pixelman - Reach golfer level 20

Stick Man - Reach golfer level 30

Streaker - Reach golfer level 15

Tuxedo Man - Reach golfer level 25

Zombie - Reach golfer level 5

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To get the maximum amount of power on a shot, you need to charge the meter up until the needle just touches the maximum point.

The last hole of a round will almost always offer up the biggest challenge, so it's worth keeping a few power-ups in the bank for this trickier hole.

Collecting all the Golf Bux on a course will give you a boost to your coffers.

If you mess up the first hole, it's worth quitting out to start again. Mess up the fifth, though, and you may as well keep going.

Many of the holes can only be solved by using the bank shot. You pull this shot off by firing the ball very hard at a surface, and using the rebound to reach a new platform. Note that with enough power, the ball can even ride upside down along walls to reach a higher ledge.


To unlock the following achievements, complete the following tasks.

Get a hole in one on hole 3 of Stony Land without powerups - Drop Shot

Get a hole in one on hole 3 of Low Poly Land without powerups - AVALANCHE!!!

Get a birde on hole 6 of City Land without powerups or hitting lasers - Tunnel of Laser Love

Complete hole 4 of Green Land without hitting the green - Green With Envy

Par Sticky Land - Sticky Ball

Par Icy Land - Ice Ball

Par 7 courses - Hazard Swap

Get 6 Gold Stars - Air Brakes

Par Laser Lab - Laser Ball

Par Magnet Land - Magnet Ball

Get 20 Achievements - Super Ball

Reach Golfer Level 15 - Nitro Ball

Get a hole in one - That's a Bingo

Get an eagle - Eagle

Get a hole in one without touching the green - Nothin But Net

Reach a combined 500 shots - 500 Strokes

Reach a combined 1000 shots - 1000 Strokes

Reach a combined 2000 shots - 2000 Strokes

Reach a combined 3000 shots - 3000 Strokes

Unlock all courses - The Locksmith

Shoot a superball into a water hazard - Cool It Down

Bag three hole in ones in a row - The Trio

Score zero on a hole - Nil Score

Score a negative number on a hole - Negative Score

Score under par on 10 courses without powerups - 10 Clean Balls

Win 1 Turn Based multiplayer game - 1 Turn Based Win

Win 5 Turn Based multiplayer game - 5 Turn Based Wins

Win 10 Turn Based multiplayer game - 10 Turn Based Wins

Get the Big Bux award for every course - Big Buxmaster

Unlock every hat - Tip of the Hat to You

Unlock every character - Stylin And Profilin

Earn a clean ball on every course - Mr. Clean

Get a hole in one without touching the green on Hole 4 of Grassy Land - Deep Impact

Get a hole in one on holy 7 of Grassy Land - Ride the Snake

Get a hole in one without powerups on hole 8 of Raspberry Hills - Shoot the Gap

Avoid all sticky walls on hole 7 of Sticky Land - Sticky Fingers

Get a hole in one on hole 5 of Icy Land - Nice-tro

Get a hole in one on hole 8 of Candy Land without using powerups - What the H?!

Get a hole in one on hole 7 of Candy Land without using powerups - Going Down

Complete hole 1 of Laser Lab without hitting a sand trap - Life's a Beach

Get a hole in one on hole 5 of Laser Lab without using powerups - Banksy

Par hole 9 of Laser Lab without using powerups or hitting sticky walls - Tight Squeeze

Score a 0 or better on hole 3 of Sandy Land - O Face

Get a hole in one on hole 2 of magnet land - Ride The Wave

Get a hole in one on hole 7 of Magnet Land - Gravity Schmavity

Get a hole in one on hole 8 of Portal Lab without using powerups - PLINKO!

Complete hole 4 of Stickier Land by only hitting one sticky wall - Ewwie Gooey

Complete hole 4 of Farm Land in two strokes - Two For The Show

Get a hole in one on hole 3 of Impossible Land - Impossibly Possible

Get a hole in one on hole 4 of Magnet Grove - Boosts R Us

Complete hole 9 of Sticky Forest without hitting sticky walls - No Goo For You!

Get a hole in one on hole 5 of Laser Moonbase - Up and Over

Complete hole 4 of Portal Dungeon in 2 strokes without powerups - Who Does #2 Work For?!

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