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Untitled Goose Game | How to make the boy wear the wrong glasses

In Untitled Goose Game, you’ll be asked to make the boy wear the wrong glasses. This objective takes place in the second area of the game, with the outdoor store and the boy with the soccer ball and toy airplane. The boy swiftly becomes the goose’s object of ire, with you hassling him around the small plaza. Getting his glasses requires you performing a few tasks beforehand, in order to make him accidentally pick up the wrong pair of spectacles. Here’s how to make the boy wear the wrong glasses in Untitled Goose Game.

Untitled Goose Game | Make the boy wear the wrong glasses

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To make the boy wear the wrong glasses in Untitled Goose Game, you’re first going to need to pick up a pair of glasses. These can be found on the stand at the back of the store. You’ll need to avoid the shopkeeper in order to get them, so use the stands in the center of the store as cover, before sneaking your wait to the rack of glasses. Any of the pairs will work for this objective, so just grab the nearest ones.

If the shopkeeper finds you and chases you out the store, you’ll want to run a reasonable distance away from her so she won’t immediately try to retrieve the glasses. After getting the glasses, place them on the floor.

Now you’ll need to lure the boy over to the glasses. To do this, crouch and approach his shoes. You can untie his shoelaces when close enough to them. When he kneels down to tie them again, take the glasses from off his head. Carry them past the glasses on the floor, honking in order to ensure he follows you.

When he stands over the new pair of glasses, he’ll reach down and grab them, completely the ‘make the boy wear the wrong glasses’ objective.

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