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Untitled Goose Game PS4 release date

The Untitled Goose Game PS4 release date is as mysterious as the titular goose itself. The game originally came out on Switch and PC on the Epic Games Store but nothing else. Developer House House didn’t even say when it was coming to other platforms. But it looks like it is, given how its PS4 trophy list leaked. So when is Untitled Goose Game coming to PS4?

Untitled Goose Game PS4 release date

Untitled Goose Game PS4 Release Date

The Untitled Goose Game PS4 version is most likely happening because of the existence of the game’s trophy list but we don’t know when yet. Like the previously paragraph mentioned, House House hasn’t even said it was coming to PS4. Exophase has had a fantastic track record of getting trophy information on games before they come out and on games that have their trophy lists go live early.

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And given that the trophy list is out means that it is probably coming relatively soon. Trophy lists usually hit the servers just before a game comes out with a few exceptions. House House is likely gearing up for a PS4 release sometime in December or January and might even be announced at The Game Awards on December 13.

Is a Untitled Goose Game Xbox One version coming?

We do not know if there is an Untitled Goose Game Xbox One port on the way. House House has also not commented on the game coming Microsoft’s console nor is there any achievement information currently online. However, given that the game is almost assuredly coming to PS4 means it could be also coming to Xbox One. The game is coming to Steam and it already has a store page up. But it is not coming to Valve’s storefront until some point in “late 2020.”