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Pokemon Go Community Day October 2019 | Start time, featured Pokemon, exclusive move

The Pokemon Go Community Day for October 2019 is just around the corner now. Fall is in the air and Halloween is getting closer, so you’ll want to know when the start time and end date for the next Community Day is. Our guide also details the featured Pokemon for this month and the exclusive move you can get for taking part. Check out our Pokemon Go Community Day October 2019 article for all of the details you’ll need, Trainer.

Pokemon Go Community Day October 2019 | End date

Pokemon Go Community Day October 2019

Let’s see when the October 2019 Community Day is due to take place first. We didn’t have any idea about when it would be held, but Niantic has since released information about October’s Community Day. It’ll take place on Saturday, October 12 and it’ll start at 11 AM local time.

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The event will run for three hours, so you’ll only have until 2 PM local time to make the most of the October Community Day. To find out what Pokemon will feature, what exclusive move you can get, and other gifts on offer, have a gander at the next section.

Pokemon Go Community Day October 2019 | Featured Pokemon and exclusive move

Pokemon Go Community Day October 2019

We thought that there might have been a Halloween-themed Ghost-type Pokemon for the Pokemon Go Community Day October 2019 event, but we were wrong. Niantic has announced that the ant Pokemon Trapinch will be featured next month.

The Ground-type creature will appear more often in the wild during this three-hour window, so prepare to catch as many as you can. You’ll earn three times as much Catch XP if you do, and three-hour lures will also be available to help you snag as many as possible.

We still aren’t sure what the exclusive move will be, but it’ll likely have something to do with evolving Trapinch into Vibrava and Flygon. Previous Community Day events have given you an extra hour to evolve Pokemon to their final forms and get the exclusive move for the month. If that’s the same for October, you’ll have until 3 PM local time to complete this part of the event.

There should be other bonuses on offer during the event too, so keep checking back here to find out more information as we get it.