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How much to tip Moxxi in Borderlands 3

It might be worth your while to read our Borderlands 3 tip Moxxi guide. You never know, you might uncover something spectacular for doing so. Previous games in Gearbox’s RPG shooter franchise rewarded you with a special weapon for tipping Moxxi with a certain amount of cash, so it’s possible that Borderlands 3 has a similar mechanic. If you’d like to know how much to tip Moxxi in Borderlands 3, we’ve got you covered. Read our article to see what you could earn, and then rush back in-game to try to net it for yourself.

Borderlands 3 Tip Moxxi | Deft Hail gun reward

Borderlands 3 Tip Moxxi

The Borderlands 3 tip Moxxi feature is one that carries over from Borderlands 2. In the series’ previous game, adding funds to Moxxi’s tip jar would reward you with guns and even earn you a secret achievement or trophy, depending on which platform you played it on.

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Borderlands 3 is no different. Moxxi can be found tending to the bar on board the Sanctuary III ship and, if you tip her, you might be pleasantly surprised by what you find. It’ll take a monumental amount of cash to get a special weapon from her, though. In all, you’ll need to save up $30,000 to tip her. You can only give $1,000 incrementally too, so you’ll need to tip her 30 times.

Once you have, you’ll earn the Deft Hail assault rifle. It’s a gun that can be fully automatic or a three-shot burst, deals 36 damage, has 79% accuracy, and has a clip size of 24 bullets. It’s colorful, too, which is rather swanky and in keeping with Borderlands 3‘s crazy vibe.

Tipping Moxxi for the first time will earn you the “Tips Appreciated” achievement or trophy on Xbox One, PC or PS4 respectively. You might as well wait until you have your first $1,000 to tip though to get yourself on your way to acquiring the Deft Hail.