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FIFA 20 Skip Track | How to change the song

Football’s finally come home thanks to the release of FIFA 20. As always, the FIFA 20 soundtrack features many tracks from current and up-and-coming artists, including the likes of Major Lazer, Hot Chip, and more. If there’s a song that gets on your nerves, however, you will want to pay attention to this FIFA 20 skip track guide. Read on to discover how to change the song in FIFA 20. Never listen to a song in FIFA 20 that you don’t like again.

FIFA 20 Skip Track | How to change the song

FIFA 20 skip track

While many of you enjoy the FIFA 20 soundtrack while scrolling through its menu screens, not everyone likes every single track (we’d wager there is at least one stinker in there for everyone). This is why it’s imperative that you know how to change what song is currently playing in the background. Thankfully, it’s an easy enough thing to do, especially on the PS4 version of the game.

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How to Skip Tracks on FIFA 20 PS4

If you find yourself getting annoyed by a particular song while playing FIFA 20 on your PS4, you can skip the track easily. Simply press anywhere on the Dualshock 4’s touchpad. This will skip the song currently playing and play the next one on the list.

If you’d rather permanently remove certain songs from the in-game playlist, however, you can. Simply head to the settings and alter the soundtrack however you want. If you’d rather play without the soundtrack, simply turn it off or mute it in the game’s audio settings.

How to Change the Song on FIFA 20 on Xbox One

As far as we’re aware, to skip the current track on FIFA 20 on Xbox One, pressing the View button (you may know it as Select) on your controller should work.

How to Skip Songs on FIFA 20 on PC

On PC, how you skip tracks depends on what controller you are using. If you are using an Xbox One pad, pressing View should work. If you are using an Xbox 360 controller, pressing the Back button should do it for you.