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Fortnite x Batman Update Patch Notes (2.36 / 10.31)

The Fortnite 2.36 update patch notes (10.31) are now available to read. The new Fortnite update includes preparations for a brand new Fortnite x Batman crossover update event, which will be playable across PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iPhone, and Android. Downtime is required for this update and it’s scheduled to begin at around 4 AM ET. While you wait to get back online, why not read up on the new Fortnite patch notes listed below?

Fortnite x Batman Update Patch Notes (Upcoming event)

Fortnite 2.36 Update Patch Notes

Gotham City Location (Tilted Towers)

Tilted Towers has been transformed into Gotham City. Explore the habitat of the Batman, as Easter eggs and other secrets await those who search thoroughly enough!

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Fortnite x Batman Weapons

The Explosive Batarang hones in on players and sticks to walls. It explodes if it detects enemies in proximity. Then there’s the Batman Grapnel Gun, which pulls the player towards a target location where the Bat Cape can be deployed.

Welcome to Gotham City Challenges

The Fortnite x Batman event also brings new Challenges to the game. Players who complete these objectives will be granted Batman-themed rewards.

The “Welcome to Gotham City” challenges can be found below (via Lucas7yoshi):

  • Complete all Challenges to unlock the reward
  • Complete any 2 Challenges to unlock the reward
  • Complete any 4 Challenges to unlock the reward
  • Complete any 4 Challenges to unlock the reward
  • Deal damage to opponents with an Explosive Batarang (250)
  • Light up different Bat Signals outside of Gotham City (3)
  • Use a Batman Grapnel Gun in different matches (3)
  • Defuse Joker gas canisters found in different named locations (3)
  • Deal any damage to opponents within 30 seconds of using a Batman Grapnel Gun (1)
  • Light a Bat Signal, use a Batman Grapnel Gun, and deal any damage with an Explosive Batarang (1)

Fortnite 2.36 Update Patch Notes | Full list


Party Hub

Hang with friends while you’re on the go so the party never stops. See who’s online, party up, and play together. (Or just voice chat!) For a deeper dive on Party Hub, read our FAQ here.


Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue involving the Star Wand and AC/DC Pickaxes not doing the intended amount of damage.
    • Because this issue has been resolved, these Pickaxes have been re-enabled.


  • Storm Circles will no longer end at the following locations (in core and Arena modes):
    • Moisty Palms
    • Greasy Grove
    • Tilted Town
    • Retail Row

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue in which Ziplines could give players an unintended effect.
    • Because this issue has been resolved, Ziplines have been re-enabled.
  • When a player is eliminated, their damage towards the Storm Surge threshold will no longer be removed from their remaining teammates’ total.


  • Support-a-Creator codes can now be used for real-money offers in-game.
    • More information on this will be available in a blog post later this week.
    • Please note: For any Packs that contain V-Bucks, the revenue share will be applied to the Creator code that is entered when the V-Bucks from that pack are spent.


  • Party Hub
    • Connect with Fortnite friends on the go so the party never stops. See who’s online, party up, and jump in-game together on any platform. (Or just voice chat!)
    • Want to hang with friends in-game while you’re out and about? Now you can take the party with you! For more information, check out our FAQ here.
  • Multitasking
    • This new feature allows you to you use two apps at once on supported iPads! Supported iPad models include:
      • iPad Pro
      • iPad (5th generation and later)
      • iPad Air 2 and later
      • iPad mini 4 and later
    • By enabling Multitasking, all iPads will have the ability to rotate the screen orientation to enter Portrait Mode.
      • If you don’t want to play in Portrait mode, enable Rotate Lock on your iPad.


  • From server on September 13
    • Resolved an issue involving some Mission objectives not measuring progress.



  • From hotfix on September 11
    • Increased the limit for Basic Storm Controllers from 10 to 16.



  • The Deciblaster bounces into the Weekly Store!
    • This shoots a blast of sound that pierces enemies and bounces up to 5 times, dealing damage in an area with each bounce. Does not consume ammo, but has low durability.
    • Available in the Weekly Store from Wednesday, September 18 at 8 PM ET until Wednesday, September 25 at 8 PM ET.


  • Social Parties in Save the World now support up to 16 players.
    • In order to launch a mission, there must be only 4 active players in the party.
    • Other party members must enter the Sit Out state through the Social Panel. This allows them to continue to participate in voice chat.


Bug Fixes

  • Players with their reticle on stairs will no longer enter edit mode for an unintended building piece.
    • In v10.30, we addressed an issue in which players would sometimes enter edit mode for a building piece that their reticle was not on. However, players may have still found themselves entering edit mode for a different building piece than intended if their reticle was on stairs. This has been resolved.
  • Removed black borders on the iPad 2018 Pro.