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Fortnite x Batman Release Date and Time | When is the event?

Ever since dataminers found evidence that DC Comics’ Batman franchise was coming to Epic Games’ battle royale game in the form of the “Welcome to Gotham” crossover event, fans of both properties have been clamoring to know when they can get their hands on the collaboration’s exciting new game content. As such, here’s everything we currently know about the Fortnite x Batman release date.

Fortnite x Batman release date and time

Fortnite x Batman release date

Due to the unofficial nature of these datamined leaks, no concrete release date for Fortnite‘s latest crossover has yet been revealed. There are a number of factors worthy of consideration, however, which will allow us to carry out some educated speculation.

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Thursday marks the Fortnite weekly reset, where the popular multiplayer game’s active challenges rotate. Owing to this fact it seems quite likely that tomorrow, September 19, will mark the launch of the new event and its suite of fresh new in-game challenges. As further evidence of this being the date, it also appears that on the same day some sort of additional collaboration between Epic Games and the Batman property is scheduled to hit the Epic Games Store, specifically as one of the platform’s weekly free games.

Fortnite x Batman release date

It’s likely that the mystery game (or indeed games plural) will be some sort of Batman collection, as is seemingly dictated by the mosaic presentation of games across the LEGO Batman and Batman: Arkham franchises.

Though it seems likely that eager players can mark their calendars for the Fortnite x Batman crossover arriving tomorrow, perhaps its best to do so in pencil as there are a couple of additional relevant dates on the horizon. This Saturday (September 21) officially marks Batman Day, so a launch on that date would also make perfect sense. Less likely, but still possible, would be an October 4 launch to coincide with the release of the anticipated Joker movie, which chronicles the rise of Batman’s most iconic nemesis.