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Pokemon Go Legendary Raid Hour (September 18) | Why has it been postponed?

You’ve been brought here by news of the Pokemon Go Legendary Raid Hour for September 18 being postponed. We feel your pain, Trainer. Players were supposed to take part in a Mewtwo Raid battle today, but Niantic has had to cancel it. It’s disappointing to hear, but the developers have their reasons for delaying it for the time being. If you’re after an answer as to why the Pokemon Go Raid Hour today isn’t going ahead, you’ll need to read our September 18 Pokemon Go Legendary Hour Raid guide.

Pokemon Go Legendary Raid Hour (September 18) | Delayed Mewtwo Raid

Pokemon Go Legendary Raid Hour

Niantic has made its Pokemon Go Legendary Raid Hour such an anticipated event that Trainers everywhere look forward to taking part in them. Unfortunately, this week’s fight against Mewtwo won’t be taking place, and we have the answer as to why it isn’t.

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Logging into Niantic’s ARG earlier today brought up a pop-up message that confirmed the Legendary Raid Hour had been canceled. The message read “Due to technical difficulties, Legendary Raid Hour with Mewtwo will be postponed to a later date, globally. We apologize for any inconvenience.”

Niantic has declined to elaborate on what these technical difficulties are, but it means that you won’t be able to do battle with the legendary Psychic-type Pokemon this evening. Niantic also failed to state when the event would be delayed until, so we can’t even offer you an idea of when you can battle Mewtwo again.

There is a silver lining to all of this though. There’s the possibility that two Legendary Hour Raid events could take place in the same week in the near future. There’s also a chance that, to make up for this disappointment, that Niantic might reward players with special in-game items. Don’t hold us to that though. It would be a nice gesture on Niantic’s part, but we’ll have to see if it materializes.