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Fortnite Season 10 Week 8 Storm Racers Cheat Sheet

It’s now time for the Fortnite Season 10 Week 8 Storm Racers challenges to be completed. As always, our cheat sheet is here to provide you with the help you need to tick any off your list. There are helpful hints for normal and prestige objectives here, as well as what reward you’ll get for each challenge you successfully navigate. Let’s waste no more time and dive into this Fortnite Season 10 Week 8 Storm Racers guide. You’ll need to stay ahead of the competition and storms this week, folks.

Fortnite Season 10 Week 8 Storm Racers | Normal challenges

Fortnite Season 10 Week 8 Storm Racers

Let’s dive straight into the Fortnite Season 10 Week 8 Storm Racers normal challenges. Most are pretty straightforward, but you might need a tip or two for the trickier ones.

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Gain health in the Storm

This is an easy one to start. Land on the map and loot chests for health items like Chug Splashes and Chug Jugs. Then, wait for the Storm circle to close in and bypass you so you start losing health.

Once your health has been drained to around 50 HP, start using your health items. You need to restore 100 HP to complete this challenge, so you can drain your health bar to 50 HP and then refill it twice to tick this task off. Pick up 10 Battle Stars.

Complete a lap of a race track

Head to the race track in the desert biome. It’s northeast of Moisty Palms, and it’s huge, so you can’t miss it if you’re looking that way from the battle bus.

Land and take your place on the start line. Ensure that you wait for the countdown timer to reach zero, otherwise your lap won’t count. Once the race has begun, complete one lap. Take your 10 Battle Stars.

Survive Storm phases

For this, you’ll need to survive 10 Storm phases. Stay inside the shrinking circle 10 times and you’ll be gifted 10 Battle Stars. There’s nothing to say you can’t do this over multiple matches, so if you die early on, just load another game and try again.

Visit the center of a Storm circle

Simply visit the very center of a Storm circle to pick up 5,000 XP. The best way to do this is to load up a Team Rumble match as the circle is tiny in this game type. Leave the battle bus and head to the center. Once you’ve reached the right area, this challenge will be complete.

Land on Polar Peak, a Volcano, and a hill top with a circle of trees

Another simple one if you know where the hilltop with the trees is located. Luckily, we do, so you won’t have issues finding it if you read on.

First, land at Polar Peak. This is a named location on the map so it’s easy to find. Next, land on the volcano that houses Pressure Plant. There’s nothing to say you have to visit these areas in the same match, so use three different matches to complete it.

Finally, you’ll have to find the hilltop. Drop from the battle bus once it’s over Pleasant Park. Descend south of Pleasant Park to the hilly area that has a hut on its second-highest peak. The circle of trees is just above here, so deploy your glider when in range to land on it. Grab 10 Battle Stars.

Complete a time trial East of Pleasant Park or South West of Salty Springs

To grab 10 more Battle Stars you’ll need to finish a time trial in either location. It doesn’t matter which one you choose, but ensure you complete this within the time limit.

For both locations you’ll be looking for a blue holographic stopwatch. These are located near ATVs attached to trailers by an orange camper van. There are also drift boards here, so expect both time trials to use these or the ATVs. Once you’re on one of these vehicles, activate the stopwatch to start the time trial. Simply complete the route within the time limit and you’ll be golden.

Dance at different telescopes

The final normal challenge wants you to dance at three different telescopes. Choose to do it in a single match or across a couple. If this is the seventh challenge this week that you’ve completed, you’ll earn the Gameplan Back Bling cosmetic.

As for where the telescopes are, we know of five locations. You only need three though, so choose the ones that are close together so you can tick this off in the same match.

  • Southeast of Moisty Palms: Follow the road south of this location, round the bend next to two hills, and look for a hill that’s on the right of the road just past where the river intersects it. The telescope is on this hill.
  • Near Dusty Depot: There’s a huge hill on its outskirts. Climb this and the telescope is overlooking Dusty Depot.
  • On the mountain east of Shifty Shafts: Build your way up to it or drop onto it from the bus.
  • On a snowy hill North of the snow bridge: You’re looking for a hill next to a camper van with ATVs and drift boards.
  • On the snow mountain northeast of Happy Hamlet: Build your way up or drop to it from the bus.

Fortnite Season 10 Week 8 Storm Racers | Prestige objectives

Fortnite Season 10 Week 8 Storm Racers

Next up are the Fortnite Season 10 Week 8 Storm Racers prestige challenges. Check them out and then get in-game to complete them.

Damage an opponent in a Storm

Simply damage an enemy who is caught up in the Storm, i.e. outside of the safety of the circle. Stick to the edges of the circle after it finishes closing, and hit someone who is trying to get back to safety. Grab 1,000 XP.

Damage gliding opponents

You need to deal 100 damage to gliding opponents here. This can be tricky due to how they can move in the air. It might be worth teaming up with friends to take people down. Ensure you get 100 damage for yourself though. Completing this challenge over a few matches might be your best bet and, if you do, grab 1,000 XP.

Deal damage to opponents after the first circle closes

You have to do 500 damage points to enemies after the first circle closes. Obviously, wait for the first ring to close and then start attacking opponents. This is a cumulative challenge, so spread it out over a few matches. Try to deal damage with sniper rifles or shotguns as these will deal big damage. Grab another 1,000 XP for doing so.

Visit the center of Storm circles in a single match

This is a very tricky one. You have to visit three centers in the same game, which means you’ll have to stay alive for at least three rounds. Your best bet is to visit a center straight away, and then camp out until the first circle closes. Then, repeat this for the second and third closures.

If you die, you’ll have to start it all over again. Once you complete this challenge you’ll get the Pixel Blast Spray.

Deal any amount of fall damage to an opponent

Another tough one. Your best chance here is to break an opponent’s floor from underneath them. You can do this on any structure they build. If you take out their floor, they’ll fall and hurt themselves. You’ll need to be a good shot to do so, however, as it isn’t easy to take out someone’s build at the best of times. Grab 1,000 XP if you manage to do so.

Complete a time trial North of Lucky Landing or East of Snobby Shores

Your final batch of 1,000 XP needs you to complete a time trial at either location. Again, you’re looking for a holographic stopwatch, and you’ll need a nearby vehicle to complete them.

For Lucky Landing, look for the hill located behind the dumpling building to find the stopwatch. For Snobby Shores, check the dirt area just outside of the northernmost settlement.

Dance at different telescopes in a single match

The final challenge. Pick two of the above five telescopes and dance at them in the same game. Complete this, and the other 13 challenges, to earn the Blue Pixel Pilot Glider and finish the Fortnite Season 10 Week 8 Storm Racers challenges.