Best Nintendo Switch Lite Cases | Screen protectors, carrying cases, shells and accessories

The Nintendo Switch Lite is Nintendo’s answer to portable gaming fans left disappointed by the regular Switch model’s relatively large size. The Switch Lite fills the gap the Nintendo 3DS left behind, providing a traditional, portable-only experience. As with any portable console, though, the Switch Lite has the potential to experience some major wear and tear as users toss it in bags or cram it into pockets. This Nintendo Switch Lite accessories guide covers the best Nintendo Switch Lite cases, screen protectors, charging stands, and more available so far.

Nintendo Switch Lite | Carrying cases

A good starting point when looking to protect any handheld system is the carrying case. These provide an easy way for you to transport your system, often with space for additional accessories, and protect the entire system from dust and damage. Here’s a few of the most promising Nintendo Switch Lite cases out there.

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PowerA Protection Case Kit for Nintendo Switch Lite – $19.99

PowerA is a generally well-trusted Nintendo accessory manufacturer, perhaps most well-known for their officially licensed Nintendo Switch controllers (more on that below). With the release of the Nintendo Switch Lite, PowerA released a few new accessories, including this protection kit. The kit comes with a sturdy case, complete with space for six game cartridges and two MicroSD cards, plus a pouch for additional accessories. The kit also comes with a screen protector, potentially saving you from having to purchase one separately.

HORI Nintendo Switch Lite Slim Tough Pouch – $16.99

HORI is another well-known producer of officially licensed Nintendo products. This Slim Tough Pouch emphasizes portability over storage and protection, with a semi-hard shell, so this might be better for those looking for a case without too much bulk.

ButterFox Compact Switch Lite Carrying Case – $9.99

ButterFox may not be as well-known as PowerA or HORI, but the company has produced quite a few Switch accessories (not officially licensed) with decent reviews. ButterFox sells four different Switch Lite case types — Large, Compact, Premium, and Elite — each coming in a variety of colors. The Compact version seems to be a nice in-between storage and portability, with space for 19 games and two MicroSD cards, plus a pouch. The black version linked above retails for $9.99 on Amazon, but prices for other colors (like this blue case) vary.

PowerA Two-Tone Stealth Case Kit for Nintendo Switch Lite – $14.99

Similar to the HORI Slim Tough Pouch, this PowerA case puts priority on portability. The PowerA Stealth case features a nice, two-tone design that matches both the yellow and blue Switch Lite models, and comes with a built-in stand to allow for play with wireless controllers. Like the other PowerA case, the Stealth Case ships with a screen protector. As of writing, this case is not yet available, but it is available to pre-order for its October 7 release date.

Nintendo Switch Lite Carry Case + Screen Protector – $??.??

This case is the only Switch Lite case that comes straight from Nintendo. It comes with its own screen protector, as well, features a clean white design, and appears to be a softer, slim-style case. It’s currently unavailable as of writing, but it could be worth keeping an eye on for when Nintendo starts shipping these out.

Nintendo Switch Lite | Shells and grips

As opposed to carrying cases, shells act more like mobile phone cases, hugging the body of the system and providing varying levels of protection from drops. Some of these shells also provide a little extra grip, be it through added shape or simply a material with more friction.

HORI Nintendo Switch Lite DuraFlexi Protector – $14.99

TPU plastic provides a middle-ground between silicone and harder plastics, allowing for some flexibility while retaining a certain amount of protection. This HORI TPU case covers the rear and sides of the Switch Lite, leaving most of the console’s face exposed. HORI also sells another clear Switch Lite shell that covers the front of the console and comes with a screen protector, though that version is made of polycarbonate.

HORI Nintendo Switch Lite Hybrid System Armor – $19.99

For those looking for more thorough protection, HORI’s Hybrid System Armor provides a more heavy-duty shell. Still, keep in mind that this shell leaves the front of the system mostly exposed, so it may not be perfect for particularly clumsy users or smaller children.

MENEEA TPU Case Protector for Switch Lite – $10.99

This TPU shell is slimmer than the others on this list and provides a little more utility. There are four slots for Switch game cartridges on the back of the case, potentially allowing you to easily swap out games on the fly. MENEEA has produced accessories for a variety of electronics including the Nintendo Switch, most with decent reviews.

FYOUNG Protective Back Case for Nintendo Switch Lite – $13.99

This shell clips onto the back of the Switch Lite, providing handles, button protection, a kickstand, and added grip. FYOUNG produces many other Switch accessories with decent reviews.

Nintendo Switch Lite | Screen protectors

Screen protectors can help ensure your Switch Lite’s 5.5-inch display keeps from getting scratched, and many screen protectors come with fingerprint protection. Check out the following screen protector options.

amFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Nintendo Switch Lite (3-Pack) – $8.99

Tempered glass screen protectors generally provide better protection than plastic ones, meaning this three-pack could be a good choice for premium screen protection.

HORI Nintendo Switch Lite Protective Screen Filter – $9.99

This Switch Lite screen protector from HORI is officially licensed by Nintendo, but comes at a much higher cost than the other protectors on this list (since it only comes with one) and is not made of tempered glass.

Orzly Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Nintendo Switch Lite (4-Pack) – $7.99

This Orzly four-pack is the cheapest of the bunch and, like the amFilm protector, is made of tempered glass.

Nintendo Switch Lite | Controllers

It may seem strange to purchase extra controllers for a handheld system, but certain Nintendo Switch games can only be played with wireless motion control. If you’re looking to play your Switch Lite in tabletop mode, consider these accessories.

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con (L & R) – $66.99 (reg. $79.99)

While it would appear that Switch Lite could play all the normal Switch games, that is not the case as titles that rely on motion controls or Nintendo Labo won’t work on the Lite because of its handheld-only status. In order to play Nintendo Switch Lite incompatible games, you’ll have to pick up a pair of Joy-Cons. A few of the colors are currently on sale on Amazon for $67, but they’ll normally set you back $80.

PowerA Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Charging Dock – $19.99

Joy-Cons are normally charged by attaching them to the Switch itself. Since the Switch Lite has nowhere for you to attach the Joy-Cons to, you’ll have to pick up some kind of Joy-Con charging device for them. This PowerA Joy-Con charging dock could be a good option, and there’s even a version that has a Pro Controller charger slot.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller – $62.02

If you find the Joy-Cons too small or you’re worried about Joy-Con drift, you might want to pick up the Pro Controller instead. The Nintendo-produced controller comes fully featured with HD rumble, motion controls, and NFC amiibo functionality, but you’ll still need Joy-Cons to play the aforementioned Joy-Con only games. The Pro Controller’s price has fluctuated a bit lately, but we’ve seen it sitting around its current $62 price in recent weeks.

PowerA Enhanced Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch – $34.99 to 59.99

PowerA provides a cheaper alternative for Nintendo’s Pro Controller, minus the NFC amiibo functionality and rumble. Still, these wireless controllers allow for motion controls and come with a few extra, programmable buttons, plus they’re available in tons of colorful designs, like this Princess Zelda version or the new Overwatch controller.

Nintendo Switch Lite | Additional accessories

These additional accessories could help enhance the Switch Lite’s portability factor, allowing you to carry more games, use Bluetooth headphones, and more.

HORI 24-Game Card Case for Nintendo Switch – $9.88

This HORI cartridge holder has space for 24 games and two MicroSD cards, allowing you to reduce the space your game collection takes up significantly.

SanDisk 128GB MicroSDXC UHS-I Memory Card – $25.99 (reg. $34.99)

This officially licensed SanDisc MicroSD card provides 128 GB of storage for downloading games and software on your Switch Lite. That being said, there are cheaper options out there.

Samsung 128GB MicroSDXC Evo Select Memory Card with Adapter – $19.49 (reg. $24.99)

This Samsung MicroSD provides the same amount of storage as the SanDisk card for a little less.

HORI Nintendo Switch Lite Dual USB Playstand – $29.99

This officially licensed HORI stand allows for easy play in tabletop mode, making up for the Switch Lite’s lack of kickstand, adding a tabletop-compatible charging port, and providing two USB 2.0 slots, where you can connect wired controllers.

Genki Bluetooth Audio Adapter for the Nintendo Switch – $49.99

The Genki Bluetooth adapter was designed to make Bluetooth headphones and speakers. It’s not the most compact device, sticking out quite a bit from the bottom of the Switch, but it’s done the job for some Switch owners looking to use wireless headphones.

Genki Portable Stand for The Nintendo Switch – $19.99

Finally, this super compact stand folds up for easy portability. It makes room for use with the Genki Bluetooth Audio Adapter in tabletop use, but it could be useful even without the adapter for quick, collapsible tabletop play.

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