PowerA Overwatch Switch controller features mappable buttons

A product listing on Amazon has revealed details about an upcoming, officially-licensed wireless Nintendo Switch controller featuring three mappable buttons at the rear and a front-facing design that depicts Reaper from Overwatch. The PowerA Overwatch Switch controller is based on Nintendo’s applauded Switch Pro controller design, though weighs in at $15 cheaper with an asking price of just $49.99, making it perhaps the perfect way to enjoy Activision Blizzard’s multiplayer hero shooter when it makes its way to Switch later this year.

The most immediately noticeable feature is undoubtedly the Overwatch-themed design, where dual-shotgun-wielding bad guy Reaper and two of his iconic in-game logos sit atop a matte black finish to the controller’s front portion. The back is matte red and equally intriguing, owing to the addition of three “mappable advanced gaming buttons” that could serve to give owners of this controller a competitive edge.

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These buttons allow players to make use of their middle and/or ring fingers that typically just sit wrapped around a controller going unused, which can free up the right thumb to remain on the right analog stick instead of breaking away in order to hit face buttons. In Overwatch, this could prove to be particularly handy, allowing players to get the drop on their opponents by simultaneously aiming and unleashing character abilities and ultimates.

Otherwise, the PowerA Overwatch Switch controller is pretty much business as usual, featuring wireless Bluetooth connectivity, motion control capabilities, a standard button layout, and LEDs to indicate the player number and battery status. The one big difference is that two AA batteries (included) are required to power the device—apparently for “up to 30 hours of gameplay”—in place of the conventional Switch Pro’s internal rechargeable battery. This likely accounts for the $15 price difference.

PowerA’s Overwatch-themed Switch controller includes a two-year warranty and is set to launch in the US just ten days from now on September 20. Those interested can currently preorder via Amazon in preparation for when Overwatch hits Switch on October 15.

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