Asmongold WoW Classic stream frustrates Dr Disrespect: ‘What the hell is goin’ on here, man?’

After refusing to play Activision Blizzard’s retro MMO WoW Classic back when it first launched, Dr Disrespect recently took some time to check out an Asmongold WoW Classic stream. It didn’t take long for the professional Twitch streamer to grow frustrated with what he was seeing, however, leaving the Doc baffled by all of the busy HUD and menu elements cluttering the screen.

The recent in-game, server-wide celebration of Asmongold’s max level homecoming might be what motivated Herschel “Dr Disrespect” Beahm IV to take a peek at the stream built around a game he’s previously expressed a clear disinterest in. Doc has termed World of Warcraft a “top-down, cute, 7th grade, ball pit Chucky Cheese, wannabe game,” and Asmongold didn’t take too kindly to that.

Asmongold issued a reply in which he said “F*** that s***” with regards to the comments, before bashing Doc’s choice of game in Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) in return. Since then things had blown over, but when Dr Disrespect recently attempted to view Asmongold’s stream, things quickly started to heat up again.

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Clearly perturbed by what he’s seeing, the Twitch clip of the incident in question shows Doc say “like, what the hell is going on on the screen?” He proceeds to recommend that Asmon should “break down” what exactly all of the custom HUD elements littered across his stream relate to.

“What’s this magical palace I just stepped into, Asmon? Huh?” He asks before pointing to the abilities bar, damage table, and group table occupying the bottom, top right, and top left of the stream respectively. “What the hell is goin’ on here, man?” concludes Dr Disrespect before spending a few extra seconds looking around in sheer and utter silent confusion.

While the Doc is most likely hamming his performance up in order to fit his controversial role on Twitch, he does arguably have a point. For all but the preexisting devoted WoW Classic player, the numerous bars and tables with moving percentages could be a potential distraction, or worse, a complete turn-off from the livestream for newcomers.