12-year-old convinces Nintendo staff to draw their favorite animals

A Reddit user that claims to be 12 years old has shared an amusing interaction that they recently enjoyed with Nintendo Support staff. When sending in their Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers for repair, the youngster also enclosed a hand-drawn image of a chicken and the note “please include a drawing of your favorite animal in the return package :)”.

Surprisingly—or perhaps not, given Nintendo’s family-friendly company image—several likely very busy employees did, in fact, take u/hprumbbor up on their offer. Included in the return package, alongside the usual official paperwork and a pair of repaired Joy-Cons, were four animals that had been hand-drawn on sticky notes, according to hprumbbor.

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The artsy Nintendo Support staffers drew a butterfly, an underwater platypus (you can tell by the bubbles), an octopus with a top hat, and either a crocodile or an alligator (there’s some debate on this in the Reddit thread) that’s been humorously mislabeled as a monkey. Admirably, there’s clearly been some degree of effort put into the miniature works of art by those responsible. Then again, perhaps they decided that spending a while drawing was a better gig than their ongoing repair work…

Some users are doubly impressed by Nintendo’s service in this instance, as it also apparently took “about two weeks” for the OP to get their Joy-Cons and drawings back. Some state that similar repairs to their Nintendo hardware took in that region of time just to be marked as received by Nintendo, and over a month to make their way back entirely.

Maybe masquerading as a child is a clever way to get your Nintendo Switch repairs carried out more quickly, with the Nintendo Support staff taking pity on poor youngsters suffering through time away from Mario and company. It could be proving vital to their education, after all, if the plan to introduce Nintendo games into the UK school curriculum is to be believed.