Nintendo games in UK schools will ‘inspire the next generation’

Who says that school can’t all be fun and games? Not the UK, apparently, as they’re looking to introduce some of Nintendo’s games to their computing curriculum. The plan for Nintendo games in UK schools aims to teach young people about numerous aspects of the blossoming video games industry, which they might then be able to take into further education and ultimately onto their dream job.

Familiar games like Mario and Donkey Kong will be used to deliver “play-based learning and industry best practice,” while Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will serve to teach children about esports and develop their teamwork skills. There’s even a Smash Bros. school tournament scheduled, which will see more than 6,000 pupils from 60 different schools compete throughout the academic year.

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The tournament is catchily named the Digital Schoolhouse Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Team Battle, and it’s run by the eponymous Digital Schoolhouse, a not-for-profit scheme, with help from Nintendo. Its impressive scale is owing to the fact that the scheme is projected to reach 32,000 pupils and 7,000 teachers in total during its inaugural school year.

Learning and retention are often at their most potent when students enjoy the material they’re engaging with, so the UK’s plan to move with the times and teach youngsters about emerging and exciting industries is applaudable. So too is Nintendo’s role, as the company puts into practice what it preaches through its range of child-friendly products which are designed to also appeal to older audiences, bridging what’s often an unnavigable gap.

As students start wearily heading back to school following the long summer holidays this week, Nintendo is also offering a second helping hand through the company’s new Lunchables that are guaranteed to reward diners with what’s essentially microtransaction currency for mobile games.

Interestingly, the UK Government also recently opened an official Twitch channel (complete with subscriber emotes relating to key political figures) in order to broadcast House of Commons debates on the game streaming platform.