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Untitled Goose Game | How to trap the boy in the phone booth

Untitled Goose Game will ask you to trap the boy in the phone booth as one of your objectives. This is in the second area of the game, with the open street market. While most of the NPCs in Untitled Goose Game are generally angered by the goose, the boy is frightened of you, with you being able to use this fear in order to lock him in the phone booth.

Untitled Goose Game | Trap the boy in the phone booth

Whereas most NPCs will chase you or simply stand around watching you if you honk at them, the boy behaves differently. After honking at him, he will run away from you, and you’ll need to capitalize on this fear in order to trap him in the phone booth.

To trap the boy in the phone booth, walk up and honk at him a few times. He’ll then proceed to run away from you in the opposite direction. In order to get him into the phone booth, you’ll need to ensure that he’s running in the direction of the phone booth. As such, stand opposite it and honk, with him standing in between you and the booth. When you honk, he should run towards it; keep chasing him and honking in order to get him to stand inside it.

When he’s trapped inside the booth, you’ll then complete the objective. He will also call the TV store’s owner for help from inside the phone booth, at which point you’ll immediately be able to complete another objective. You can read our guide on how to do that here.

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