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FIFA 20 EA Access Download Error Fix

Welcome, frustrated player, to our FIFA 20 EA Access download error guide. If you’re one of the many gamers who has been affected by this bug, we feel your pain. EA Access subscribers should be able to download and play the game from September 19 on Xbox One and PS4 but that hasn’t been the case for everyone. Plenty of people have complained online that they can’t download the game and enjoy it before everyone else gains access on September 24. If you want to know how to fix this annoying problem, we’ve got you covered. Read our FIFA 20 EA Access download error article for more details.

FIFA 20 EA Access Download Error | Repair and retry

FIFA 20 EA Access Download Error

Right, let’s see what the FIFA 20 EA Access download error problem is. If you’re a subscriber to this on Xbox One or PS4, you should have been allowed to download the game from September 19. This would give you a limited 10-hour window, which you could play between September 19 and 24, to try it out before anyone else.

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The issue is that some players can’t download it though. A thread on the EA Answers forum, at the time of writing, has five pages of complaints from furious fans who kept getting the same error message. The message simply reads “Download error. Repair and retry.” The message redirects players to their platform’s digital store but then doesn’t load anything too.

How to fix FIFA 20 EA Access Download Error

FIFA 20 EA Access Download Error

According to EA Community Manager EA_Andy, there are a couple of quick fixes that should resolve this for you. First, he suggests that canceling the download and restarting it might work. If that doesn’t, head to the Xbox or PlayStation store through the web and downloading them this way instead.

These suggestions have proven to be very hit and miss among the community though. Replies have claimed that neither works for them, and they’ve so far been met by silence. If you’ve been affected, you can lodge a complaint ticket at EA Support and, hopefully, they’ll help you get it sorted.