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FIFA 20 FUT Club Reset Bug | Why has my FUT club been wiped?

Oh dear. A FIFA 20 FUT Club reset bug is causing mayhem within the community and has resulted in many angry players demanding answers from EA about this issue. The bug has caused your FUT Club to be wiped, including its established date and club name, if you’ve unfortunately been hit by it. You’ll want to know how to fix this devastating issue and retrieve your data if you have. Follow our FIFA 20 FUT Club reset bug guide to see if there’s any way to get your history back.

FIFA 20 FUT Club Reset Bug | Missing loyalty packs

FIFA 20 FUT Club Reset Bug

The FIFA 20 FUT Club reset bug, as we mentioned, results in your entire club being reset in the series’ latest entry. Given that some players, especially those in this EA Answers forum thread, have had the same FUT Club since 2010, it’s galling to lose all of the data and history you’ve acquired in this game mode.

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As you can imagine, something as big as this has caused ructions in the fanbase. Not only have people’s clubs been wiped from existence, but they aren’t receiving loyalty packs, either. These packs are rewards for continuing your journey with your FUT Club across FIFA‘s many games. With their sides being reset, these packs no longer apply to those whose clubs have an established date of 2020.

How to fix FIFA 20 FUT Club Reset Bug

FIFA 20 FUT Club Reset Bug

Unfortunately, there isn’t a fix for this bug. It’s awful to hear, we know, but EA hasn’t even responded to people who have been affected by this yet.

The game only launched in early access on September 19, so the chances are that EA simply hasn’t seen this issue yet. You can help them become aware of it, however, and help your fellow players get aid before the game becomes available for everyone else.

Head to the EA Support page and you can lodge a complaint ticket with the team. They will pass on all issues to the development team and, hopefully, resolve this problem. We really hope you get your FUT Club back if you’ve been affected as no one wants to start over from scratch.