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The Surge 2 | How to beat Nitro

If you’re new to Deck13 and Focus Home Interactive’s challenging Soulslike sequel, The Surge 2 Nitro boss is the biggest hurdle you’ve faced yet. This bulky armored brute is faster than you’d likely give him credit for at first glance, coming at you with an enormous two-handed hammer before you’ve even had the chance to get your freshly created character into its Exo Rig. Here’s how to beat Nitro and put this lunkhead down for good.

The Surge 2 | How to beat Nitro

The Surge 2 Nitro boss - how to beat Nitro

While Nitro is surprisingly agile, that doesn’t mean he can outpace you, even at this early stage where you don’t yet have an Exo Rig and thus can’t dodge, jump, or sprint. The locker room that the battle takes place in is pretty snug, so you’ll want to use lock-on (R3) to keep the camera centered on him and then keep your distance.

Nitro’s head is unarmored, as dictated by the fact it’s highlighted in blue and not orange, so that will be the body part to target by pushing up on the right analog stick while locked-on. Just note that being locked-on doesn’t guarantee a hit to that exact body part; you’ll still need to consider whether a horizontal or vertical swing is needed in the given moment in order to make a connection.

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While keeping your distance—he hits like a truck owing to the fact you don’t yet have an Exo Rig to offer extra protection—steer well clear of his sweeping attacks. These frenzied, wide-arced spinning maneuvers can be avoided just by walking backward, though aim to simultaneously circle strafe around to Nitro’s backside.

Once you’re positioned correctly (you’ll get a feeling for where his back will end up as you repeatedly see him perform the same actions as the fight progresses), make use of the brief window in which he’s left winded after performing an attack to close the gap and land a hit-and-run offensive of your own. Don’t get too greedy or you could find yourself out of stamina and powerless to defend against a rebuttal.

With this strategy in place, just keep repeating your newfound hit-and-run tactic and The Surge 2 Nitro boss should soon be no more.