Psycho-Pass Episode 23 Release Date

The Psycho-Pass episode 23 release date period is rapidly approaching, with the promise of an October 2019 launch almost upon us. There’s not much longer for fans to wait, especially when you consider that episode 22 launched in December 2014. It’s been almost five years, so here’s hoping season 3 proves to be worth the wait. Excited to finally continue the adventure? Here’s what we know so far about the Psycho-Pass 3 air date.

When is the Psycho-Pass episode 23 release date?

Psycho-Pass Episode 23 Release Date

With season 1 and 2 containing 11 episodes each, it’s expected that season 3 will also feature 11, bringing the total to 33 by once it has concluded. According to Anime News Network, which translated the official Psycho-Pass announcement, it will air first on Fuji TV’s Noitaminima programming block.

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As for those of us who can’t access Fuji TV, services like Crunchyroll and Funimation are the go-tos. While Crunchyroll used to host Psycho-Pass, there are no longer any episodes listed on its site. Funimation, on the other hand, should still provide access to episode 23 shortly after it airs.

Anime fans can look forward to a Psycho-Pass episode 23 release date of October 2019. (As we learn more about the exact launch date, we’ll update this guide with the latest information.)

Will there be a Psycho-Pass episode 23 English dub?

With the West becoming seriously hooked on anime over the past few years, the demand for English dubs has no doubt increased. While Psycho-Pass dubs of the past may have taken a long time to create, with fans instead having to settle for subtitles instead, perhaps the high demand will kickstart a Psycho-Pass episode 23 English dub into action a little sooner, rather than later.

We’ll of course provide any updates to this guide as soon as more information is made available. There isn’t much longer to wait!