Crystal Dynamics is ‘staking its reputation’ on Marvel’s Avengers

Crystal Dynamics has a lot at stake with its upcoming Marvel’s Avengers game, according to Studio Head Scot Amos. The title has been subject to scrutiny around its presentation from its unveiling as well as its character models. Crystal Dynamics, having many well-received titles, isn’t used to such criticism, so this backlash is quite unusual for the team. However, Amos is confident in the game is even staking the studio’s reputation on it.

In an interview with PlayStation Blog, Amos confirms that there is quite some weight on their shoulders but he seemed confident.

“We stake our reputation on it,” Amos said, comparing the Marvel’s Avengers game development to the studio’s work on the Tomb Raider reboot. “Just like we approached Lara Croft back in 2013, we want to show the world how we do things in a new and original way.”

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For outsiders, this “original way” may sound a bit convoluted, judging by the number of teams working on Marvel’s Avengers. As he told us earlier this month, there are five studios making the game, which could sound like a recipe for disaster. But these teams have worked together in the past and Amos said that it would be tough if those studios had not had a history together. Despite the risk of too many cooks in the kitchen, Amos said he felt like they had it covered, especially since Bill Rosemann, VP and Creative Director at Marvel Games and Creative Director Sean Escayg are also “[collaborating] on everything.” Amos addressed the potential hazards of working with so many different people in an interview with us during PAX West 2019.

“We were afraid of [spreading ourselves too thin] from the beginning,” Amos told us. “But it’s been transformative for us in how we make games because we really have to assemble the best of the best to be able to make this level of an impact across this many different things. It’s the biggest we’ve ever done as a team and the biggest team we’ve ever had to make a game because we needed that horsepower to pull this off.”

Amos said he doesn’t want to spill the beans on everything, something that is particularly true when it comes to Marvel’s Avengers’ Warzones. In this co-op game mode, up to four players tackle dynamically scaled missions where “someone can take crowd control with Thor, while another player puts Iron Man into the air, or leads from the front with Hulk.”

Crystal Dynamics’ legacy is quite storied, with celebrated franchises such as Soul Reaver and Tomb Raider in its backlog. Marvel’s Avengers may have looked rough to many, but it does at least have some well-respected teams behind it, giving some credence to Amos’ lofty claim.