Marvel’s Avengers confirms Ms. Marvel as a playable character

Marvel’s Avengers is one of the most anticipated games of next year, but despite that excitement, we still haven’t seen much about it. Most notably, there was the first trailer at E3 earlier this year, which confirmed a few of the playable characters. However, just this week at Gamescom publisher Square Enix revealed a broader look at the Avengers gameplay with 18 minutes of footage. Fans were quick to spot a young girl in the crowd wearing a Captain Marvel T-shirt, and theorized that this was actually Marvel’s Avengers Ms. Marvel, a.k.a. Kamala Khan.

The character is on the helicarrier when the A-Day disaster, which kicks off the game’s plot, goes down. Not only does this character get a lot of screen time in the demo for an unnamed girl, but she also seems to be the person narrating the trailer. Comicbook spoke to Square Enix about this character, and received an official statement that confirmed the fan theory that this young girl was indeed the future Ms. Marvel. “Yes, that was a young Kamala Khan on the bridge of the Helicarrier,” a Square Enix representative said. “We’ll have more details on how she’ll fit into the game at a later date.”

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You can see Kamala Khan, complete with her Captain Marvel T-shirt, at around the 11:31 mark in the gameplay footage above. Presumably she’ll be a playable hero, as the Avengers game is set after a time-jump a few years, so it’s conceivable. If so, Ms. Marvel is only the seventh hero confirmed for Marvel’s Avengers so far. So far, the roster includes Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow, and Ant-Man.

It’s interesting that Kamala Khan would be introduced into Marvel’s Avengers before either Hawkeye or Captain Marvel herself, but Square Enix suggests that she’ll have an important part to play in the game’s story. She’s a popular character certainly. Regardless, we’ll probably have to wait until at least the next big showing of the game before we find out more.