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FIFA 20 Career Mode Changes | Player potential and more

With FIFA 20 out now, a lot of you are asking about the FIFA 20 Career Mode changes. While there have been a few changes on-the-pitch, it is off-the-pitch in which we have more additions in FIFA 20’s Career Mode. In this guide, we’ll let you know all about the changes to FIFA 20 Career Mode Player Potential, manager interactions, moral changes, and more. A good amount has changed in the latest installment of Career Mode and we’re here to tell you all about it.

FIFA 20 Career Mode Changes | Player potential

FIFA 20 Career Mode Changes

For as long as we can remember, there has been player potential in FIFA Career Modes. This means that your players overall ratings can go up and down. A young player will have a potential that is higher than their initial rating. An older player can go down from their initial OVR rating. The FIFA 20 Career Mode player potential system has been expanded, however. The new Dynamic Player Potential system will affect the potential of all your players.

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The better you do with any player in one season will affect their potential for the next. This is true for both young and old players. If you do particularly well with a young player, for example, their potential will increase the next season. If you have a promising youth player (someone like Ryan Sessegnon, Joao Felix, or Phil Foden), you will want to play them as often as you can. If you get them to perform consistently well over one season, the better they will be the next. Make sure to play your youth. If you don’t play youth players, however, their overall potential will decrease in the following season. The better you do with older players, the less their potential will decrease, too.

It’s all about balancing your squad and what you want to get out of it more than ever. If you’re in it for the long-haul with a weaker team, we’d suggest signing youth players with a lot of potential and using them as often as you can. Check out the official list of top player potential in FIFA 20 Career Mode to know which players you should attempt to sign.

FIFA 20 Career Mode Changes | Manager interactions

FIFA 20 Career Mode Changes

You can do more as the manager in FIFA 20 than ever before. Upon starting a career mode, you will be tasked with creating your own custom manager. Both men and women managers are allowed. Once inside the mode, however, you will be tasked with keeping up player morale. There are more ways to do this than ever before thanks to the new manager interactions.

You’ll be tasked with taking part in optional pre and post-match press conferences and interviews. Journalists will ask you questions about what happened in the game, what happened before, and more. The answers you give have a direct influence on the happiness and morale of your players and team. Depending on the morale of your players, the better or worse their stats will be (you can see the detailed increases and decreases during team selection). What you say matters. If you want your team to perform better, tell them, and it might see them increase in happiness, boosting stats.

On top of conferences and interviews, you will take part in FIFA 20 Career Mode Player Conversations. As in previous FIFA games, players will come up to you with questions. This time around, however, you can answer their questions. Again, the answers you give play a direct role in player happiness. If you put a player up for sale, they will question you about it. The answer you give matters. Remember, too, that you will need to act on your promises. Players will remember what you have told them. A happy squad is a better squad.