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FIFA 20 | An error connecting to Ultimate Team fix

If you’re reading this article you’ll have come across the FIFA 20 error connecting to Ultimate Team message. You’ll know you’ve encountered it if you’ve seen this pop-up message on the screen: “We are sorry but there has been an error connecting to FIFA 20 Ultimate Team. You will be returned to the FIFA 20 main menu.” If it’s constantly showing up for you, you’ll need to know how to fix it. Check out this FIFA 20 error connecting to Ultimate Team guide for more details.

FIFA 20 error connecting to Ultimate Team | Unable to access

FIFA 20 error connecting to Ultimate Team

As you’ll have guessed, this FIFA 20 error connecting to Ultimate Team message stops you from accessing this game mode. Given that it’s the bread and butter aspect of FIFA titles these days, this won’t be good news for EA. If players can’t access it, then they won’t be able to play and might decide to game elsewhere.

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We know it’s a big issue for EA due to this thread on the EA Answers forums. Plenty of FIFA fans have complained about it, and it seems to be affecting people on all platforms. That means that PC, PS4, and Xbox One users are certainly coming across it. The chances are that Nintendo Switch players are too, but that fanbase is a lot smaller than the other three.

How to Fix FIFA 20 Error Connecting to Ultimate Team Bug

FIFA 20 error connecting to Ultimate Team

There isn’t an official fix for this yet. EA is aware of the problem and should be sorting a proper solution for it as soon as possible.

Players have found a workaround that resolves the issue though. According to replies in the above thread, it’s one that works so, hopefully, it will for you too. Head to the “Online Seasons” game type, and play a full match in this mode. Once it’s complete, quickly back out and load up Ultimate Team. You should now have access to Ultimate Team mode.

FIFA 20 servers down

Many users are reporting outages, according to independent site Downdetector. Users in the comments report the FIFA 20 servers are down in multiple countries, including Spain, South Africa, the U.K., and more. Unfortunately, even the FIFA EA Answers HQ site is down, so fans aren’t able to access the EA Help forums for more information. The official EA Help Twitter account announced at 3:39 p.m. EST that EA is aware of outages across its games and said the company was working to fix the issue. The Twitter account also said it was aware of the EA Answers HQ issues.

The FIFA 20 EA Help site indicates servers on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 were all down as of 3:59 PM EST. Since the FIFA server issues are on EA’s end, there’s little you can do besides wait. Keep up with the EA Help Twitter and other official EA channels for updates.