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Fortnite Bots | Are bots coming to Fortnite?

Fortnite is perhaps one of the most popular games in the world right now and is constantly being changed, updated, and tweaked. According to a recent tweet from Epic, the developers have announced that Fortnite bots will be coming in Season 11. To date, there haven’t been any bots in Fortinte, so why is Epic adding them? Further, what are the bots going to do?

Fortnite Bots | What are bots in Fortnite?

Fortnite bots

As Epic did not state much in its blog post, all of the details surrounding Fortnite bots are still a bit scarce, as next season is still a few weeks away. However, Epic has given us a little bit of a hint about the role of the new bots. According to the update on the Epic website, the role of bots will be to help new players get accustomed to the game.

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The upcoming Fortnite bots comes with the announcement from Epic that it will be overhauling and making core, internal changes to how matchmaking works in Fortnite. The matchmaking updates will be coming with the v10.40 update, presumably one day this week, while the bots won’t be launching until Season 11.

Essentially, the bots will be used to support the new matchmaking system. While there will be big changes, they won’t really be noticeable. Epic noted in its announcement that there has been a big improvement in player skills over the past few seasons, creating large gaps in the player base. Because of this, a lot of high skilled players are getting matched with lower skilled players, resulting in uneven matches. The new matching making update aims to fix that, and allow players to be matched with other players who are closer to their skill level.

Once the Fortnite bots are introduced, newer players will see a handful of bots in their games that will behave similarly to normal players. The goal of the bots is to allow players to grow and improve their skills before facing other players. As you get better, you’ll have fewer bots in your game, until you are eventually facing only other players. If you’d prefer not to play against bots, you can play in a Competitive playlist, which will be free of bots.

This is all of the information that we have on the role of bots in Fortnite for right now. However, we will likely learn a lot more over the next few weeks.