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The Surge 2 | How to beat Captain Cervantes

Protector of the repeller tower at the end of the boar trail in Gideon’s Rock, if you’ve been thoroughly exploring the area and have discovered the three collectible audio logs on the topic you’ll know that this character is a manipulative fiend. That’ll only make defeating The Surge 2 Captain Cervantes boss feel that much sweeter, however!

The Surge 2 | Captain Cervantes boss guide

The Surge 2 Captain Cervantes

A leader amongst the hunters in the area, Cervantes is particularly agile and wields a sweet sword that you’re definitely going to want to get your hands on.

With that in mind, before we get into the nitty-gritty, make sure that you’re targeting the captain’s armored weapon arm throughout the fight and that you ultimately sever it, granting you immediate access to the Mk. IV JAG-22 ‘Aeterna’ sword which deals damage like a heavy-duty class weapon without the slow attack speed and high stamina drain.

You’ll also gain a schematic for the WRAITH arm gear in the process, with the rest of the gear set available for purchase from the bartender in Cloud 9.

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Now, onto the fight proper. Captain Cervantes‘ most notable skill is to turn almost completely invisible, with just a vague translucent texture hinting as to his whereabouts. Luckily the arena isn’t too big so he can’t go too far, but he shouldn’t often get a chance to cloak if you make liberal use of the EMP drone module, as this will presumably short-circuit whatever technology is powering his cloaking device.

With that annoying feature largely taken care of (if your EMP is on cooldown and he turns invisible, horizontal attacks with a polearm can be useful to cover a wide area when you think you’ve glimpsed movement), you’re now set for a much easier time.

Cervantes often likes to jump and lunge directly at you with a vertically slicing sword attack, which can easily be circumvented with a sidewards dodge and then countered. You’ll also see him pull out a short-range firearm that deals high damage if you’re close-by, but the good ol’ cap isn’t one for adjusting his aim so again performing a side dodge and then following up with a counter is how best to deal with that.

Other than throwing out mines that are clearly depicted by the red light that they emit, and as such are easy to avoid, there isn’t much else of note in this boss’ arsenal.

In short, if you continuously circle strafe, side dodge as required, and fire off regular EMPs The Surge 2 Captain Cervantes boss will go down a treat and leave you wondering how he ever got a promotion.