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Can You Play FIFA 20 Volta Online With Friends?

Small-sided football matches have finally returned to our consoles thanks to FIFA 20 Volta. In this year’s edition of the annual soccer game, you are able to take your skills to the streets in Volta, but can you play Volta with friends? In this guide, we’ll let you know if there is any way in which you can pull off FIFA 20 Volta online multiplayer with and against your mates in online friendlies. We’ll also tell you what FIFA 20 Volta online options are currently in the game.

Can You Play FIFA 20 Volta Online With Friends?

FIFA 20 Volta Online With Friends

FIFA 20’s brand-new small-sided football matches (under the moniker of Volta) are fun, especially when played locally with friends. Unfortunately, however, you cannot play FIFA 20 Volta online with friends. As of writing, there is no way in which you can play Volta online friendlies with those you know.

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This strikes us as an oversight by the developers, as you can play regular online friendlies with your mates easily. Considering how fun the fast-paced matches of Volta are when played with friends locally, it’s a shame that there is no way to play them online with friends. To make things more strange, Volta does have an online mode.

Volta League allows you to play against other players online, but there is no way of ensuring that you’ll be playing against someone you know. It’s a solid mode, however, featuring promotion and relegation thanks to its divisions. Despite the League mode, however, it would certainly be nice to be able to play Volta with your friends online.

FIFA 20 Volta Online Multiplayer | Can you create a team with friends?

FIFA 20 fans had also hoped that Volta would allow players to create a team with friends, similar to Pro Clubs. However, that is also not possible. While players can team up offline in couch co-op, you cannot create an entire Volta team with your friends and take on online opponents.

Considering that EA has routinely overlooked its Pro Clubs mode over the years, it’s a shame that a similar feature wasn’t implemented in Volta. We imagine that allowing players to take control of a full Volta team with their friends would have been a popular addition, but it wasn’t to be.

Hopefully, EA decides to add FIFA 20 Volta online with friends into the game via a future update. It’s definitely odd that the feature isn’t in the game right now, anyway, as it should prove to be a popular option. It only needs to be friendlies, after all.