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FIFA 20 Import Face | How to use your Volta avatar in Pro Clubs and Career

Thanks to the brand-new Volta mode in FIFA 20, the game’s avatar creation tool has been vastly expanded and improved upon over previous versions. In this FIFA 20 Import Face guide, we’ll let you know how you can make one FIFA 20 character and import them to use in every compatible mode. In other words, we’ll tell you how to use your Volta avatar in Pro Clubs and Career. With our help, you’ll be able to use your handmade avatar other FIFA 20 modes. Things have gotten personal in FIFA 20.

FIFA 20 Import Face | How to use your Volta avatar in other modes

FIFA 20 Import Face

If you’re looking to use the same face across Volta, Career Mode, and Pro Clubs, you’ll first need to create your character. Thankfully, the avatar creation tool in FIFA 20 is fully-featured and user-friendly. After a while of tweaking and deciding what looks best, you should have a character creation that you’re proud of. If you want to use your creation in every compatible mode, you can. The FIFA 20 Import Face function allows you to do just that.

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When you start a new game of Career Mode, Pro Clubs, or Volta, you will be asked to create a new avatar. Under the Head options is an option to “Import Face.” Choose this, and you will see that you can import your created face from other modes into the one you are currently on. Want your Volta character in Pro Clubs? Go for it. Want your Career Mode manager in Volta? You can. Use whatever face you’ve created in any mode thanks to the Import Face function.

Can You Import Real Player Faces?

Sadly, you cannot import real player faces into character creation. The function is limited only to the avatars you have already created.

Can You Import Your Own Face?

Again, you won’t be able to import a file of your own, real-life face into FIFA 20. The Import Face function is limited to the characters you have already created.