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How to Activate Frenzy Mode in Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour Frenzy mode is a feature in the mobile phone racing game that you’ll definitely want to know about. If you strike lucky with certain conditions, your playable character will be granted unlimited items and invincibility for a short time. You don’t need us to tell you that this could be the difference between winning a race and not. If we’ve piqued your interest with this, you’ll be dying to know how to activate it. Luckily, we have the answers for you in our Mario Kart Tour Frenzy mode guide. Read on to find out how to become a champion racer with ease.

How to use Mario Kart Tour Frenzy Mode

Mario Kart Tour Frenzy Mode

As we mentioned, there are big benefits to activating Mario Kart Tour Frenzy mode. Unlimited items and invincibility for a short period of time could move you right up the field into the top positions. Alternatively, it could keep you in first place and let you hold on to win races if opponents are breathing down your neck.

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Activating it isn’t as simple as pushing a button or, say, drifting five times in a row to build up a meter. To be able to use Frenzy mode, you’ll first need to have selected a character that favors a certain track you’re playing. So, for example, picking Bowser and racing in Bowser’s Castle would give you a big advantage in being able to activate Frenzy mode.

If your character and selected track are compatible, you’ll only need to do one thing as you race. In Mario Kart Tour, you can have up to three items loaded at the top of screen. This does depend on how lucky you get with the item box you run through though. If your stars are aligned, you will pick up three of the same items. If this happens, you’ll immediately activate Frenzy mode.

Tap the screen to use your items as quickly as possible. Remember, items are unlimited, so make full use of them while you can.