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How to earn Mario Kart Tour Grand Stars

Mario Kart Tour Grand Stars are your number one resource in DeNA’s mobile phone spinoff title. You’ll need to amass these to unlock new cups and tour gifts in-game, but you might not be sure how to earn them. That’s where we come in. We’re here to provide you with the lowdown on Grand Stars, including what you have to do to win them and what you can spend them on. Before diving headfirst into your first race, you’ll do well to read our Mario Kart Tour Grand Stars guide. Hop to it, racer.

Mario Kart Tour Grand Stars | Race reward

Mario Kart Tour Grand Stars

The first thing you’ll want to know about Mario Kart Tour Grand Stars is how you earn them. In truth, it couldn’t be simpler. You are given Grand Stars as a reward once you complete races.

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The amount of Grand Stars you’ll get is dependent on how well you perform during these races, too. You’ll earn points for where you finish, what character, kart, and glider you use, and any bonuses that you pick up during the race. These bonus points can range from stunts you perform as you go over ramps to how many times you boost and more.

At the end of a race, your points are totaled up to give you a final score. Your final score will determine how many Grand Stars you get. For example, earning 1,300 points might net you one star, while more than 2,300 will get you five.

Mario Kart Tour Grand Stars | What can I unlock with Grand Stars?

Mario Kart Tour Grand Stars

Grand Stars enable you to purchase new cups, characters, and other tour gifts from the in-game shop. Unlocking cups will let you progress through a specific tour, new characters will give you a bigger roster to choose from, and tour gifts such as Rubies can let you play mini-games to earn other prizes.

Your best bet, then, is to win as many races and accrue as many points as possible. Doing so will get you more stars quicker and let you earn rewards faster.