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The Surge 2 infinite weapon upgrade cheat | How to get all weapons to Mk. V

If you’re wondering how to upgrade weapons and gear sets in Deck13’s challenging new Souls-like, then we’ve already got you covered with our general upgrades guide. Now that that you’re caught up to speed, here’s a cheeky little The Surge 2 infinite weapon upgrade cheat that’ll allow you to upgrade all of your weapons to the powerful Mk. V status using infinite amounts of Tungsten Alloy Mk. V.

The Surge 2 infinite weapon upgrade cheat | How to get all weapons to Mk. V

The Surge 2 infinite weapon upgrade cheat

We were able to get this to work playing The Surge 2 on PS4 Version 1.03, so bear in mind that your mileage may vary as this is likely something that the developers will want to patch out. As such, now’s the time to fill your boots, because this upgrade component is generally quite hard to come by.

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Once you reach the portion of the game that takes place in the A.I.D. Command region of Jericho City, you’ll eventually drop into a room where you’ll startle a scientist that subsequently calls for a guard. Kill them both and in the next room on your right-hand side is a captive that you can elect to free; do so by hitting the glass wall and talk to the man that the game refers to as “The Stranger.”

If you played the original game then you’ll know that this is, in fact, that game’s protagonist. Warren will give you a side quest and the first task is to find some incriminating files, which you can do nearby. Head up the magnetic lift and go to your left, then when you reach a room with a healing station and three enemies be sure to kill the armored guy in order to snag the A.I.D. Keycard quest item. Then head up the magnetic lift in this room, up the stairs to the area labelled “Overlook,” and then to your left, of course, being sure to take out the enemies along the way.

Use the keycard on the computer in this room to gather the required evidence, then retrace your steps back to Warren. After exhausting his dialogue he’ll tell you to meet him at his hideout later, but before then you can try to talk to him again, at which point instead of transitioning into a conversation the game will grant you one Tungsten Alloy Mk. V upgrade component instead.

You can keep triggering this ad infinitum, though do be aware that if you leave the area then so too will Warren and you’ll be unable to come back and take further advantage of this glitch.