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Mario Kart Tour Landscape Mode | Do you have to play in portrait?

Mario Kart Tour has finally started its engines on both iOS and Android devices. The game’s standard controls have us play in portrait mode (holding the phone vertically), but what you want to know is if there is a Mario Kart Tour landscape mode (holding the phone horizontally) or not. Read on to discover whether or not you will be able to play Mario Kart Tour in a landscape viewpoint, which is a more traditional Mario Kart view.

Can you play Mario Kart Tour holding your phone sideways? Read on to find out.

Mario Kart Tour Landscape Mode | Do you have to play in portrait?

Mario Kart Tour landscape mode

Unfortunately, you have to play Mario Kart Tour in portrait mode. There is no way to play the game in a perhaps more natural horizontal landscape mode. Well, you can play it with your phone held sideways, but you won’t do particularly well. There is no such thing as a Mario Kart Tour landscape mode. Sorry to disappoint.

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As of writing, you can only play Mario Kart Tour in its standard portrait mode, holding the phone vertically. This is presumably to make the game a little easier to control with one hand. It would be more difficult to control the game with swipes of the screen if you were holding it sideways. Despite this, plenty of phone games let you play in landscape mode. It could make for an easier Mario Kart Tour experience, too, with you able to see more of the track to the side of the character.

Nintendo could always add a landscape view into Mario Kart Tour with a future update, but it strikes us as unlikely to happen. The game has been designed to be played in a portrait viewpoint, with thinner tracks. It’s unlikely Nintendo would ever change it with an update that would likely take more work than you think. Time to get used to playing upright Mario Kart.