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Is there Mario Kart Tour controller support?

Mario Kart Tour controller support would be a handy addition for DeNA’s racing spin-off title. Players have taken to the internet to voice their annoyance at how fickle the game’s onscreen controls can be. As you’d expect after such complaints, many are wondering if there is Mario Kart Tour controller functionality. Using a Joy-con or Switch gamepad could help matters, but nobody knows if this is supported. Even a PS4 or Xbox One controller would help a lot, too. If you want to get a definitive answer to this puzzle, you’ll need to read our Mario Kart Tour controller support guide.

Mario Kart Tour Controller Support | Gamepad functionality

Mario Kart Tour Controller Support

The game has been out for less than 24 hours at the time of writing, but Mario Kart Tour controller support is already one of the most searched terms on the likes of Google. The controls aren’t too bad if you’re used to mobile gaming, but not everybody is. As such, some players have taken to the likes of Reddit to see if there’s any word on controller support.

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The question was put to fellow community members in the lead-up to release. With no official word from Nintendo before or since, those threads have only multiplied post-launch.

We can confirm that, unfortunately, there is no controller functionality in Mario Kart Tour. You have to use the game’s screen controls to play the game, which is a tad frustrating if you aren’t adept at using them.

It seems a bit strange on Nintendo’s part not to allow controller support for the game. After all, iOS and Android 10 now support PS4 and Xbox One controllers for people who prefer playing with a gamepad. Letting people use these rival controllers for a Nintendo game, however, isn’t in Nintendo’s interests.

There may be Switch or Joy-con support down the line, but for now, you’ll have to make do with the controls available to you.