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Does Ghost Recon: Breakpoint have AI teammates?

Ubisoft’s tactical shooter series has always been synonymous with careful team play, both online and in single-player, with gamers able to place waypoints and command the other Ghosts in their squad to either hold fire or go weapons-free. Naturally then, many are wondering whether they’ll be able to issue orders to Ghost Recon: Breakpoint AI teammates in the newest entry at launch. So can you play with AI teammates in Ghost Recon: Breakpoint? And is there a way to add AI teammates in Ghost Recon: BreakpointLet’s take look:

Are there Ghost Recon: Breakpoint AI teammates

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint AI teammates

Unfortunately, the development team at Ubisoft Paris has confirmed that Breakpoint will not feature friendly artificial intelligence at the time of the game’s launch this Friday, October 4, 2019. In an official blog post outlining the roadmap for the game’s first 12 months post-launch, a spokesperson said: “We’re still working on the AI Teammate implementation, and we’ll have more to share with you later in Year 1.”

This leaves the exact date of their arrival uncertain, but hopefully, their addition will come sooner rather than later, or else players that prefer to play solo will be left out in the cold. Those that are looking to play the game cooperatively, either via matchmaking with random players or through inviting friends to a session, will go unaffected as both of these features will be available from the start.

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The announcement drew somewhat of a backlash from long-term fans that have come to be expectant of the feature, while some have even accused Ubisoft Paris of intentionally holding the implementation of Breakpoint AI teammates back in order to encourage online co-op play. This group argues that the decision might have been based on pushing microtransactions, as players are more likely to spend on cosmetic customization items when there are other people around to see and potentially covet them.

Obviously that’s conjecture that runs counter to the explanation offered by Ubisoft Paris, but we can all at least hope that the disappointing absence of Ghost Recon: Breakpoint AI teammates at launch is addressed as a priority item in the company’s outlined post-launch plan.