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Mario Kart Tour 1.0.2 Update Patch Notes

The Mario Kart Tour 1.0.2 update will be arriving in the game very shortly. Developer DeNA and publisher Nintendo have addressed some concerns from players via an in-game news item on October 1 and reveal what bug fixes and other stability fixes were incoming with the next batch of patch notes. The 1.0.1 update didn’t change much, but its successor will resolve many issues that players have had since launch day. To find out more about these changes, you will need to read our Mario Kart Tour 1.0.2 patch notes guide. Check it out before you race to see when it will be available to download. That should be in the coming days, but Nintendo and DeNA didn’t give an exact release date. We’ll let you know once we have confirmation though.

Mario Kart Tour 1.0.2 Update | Bug fixes

Mario Kart Tour 1.0.2 Update

As we mentioned, the Mario Kart Tour 1.0.2 update is a more in-depth patch than the 1.0.1 update. Its predecessor only introduced a couple of tweaks, and we have listed them below as bullet points so you can see what was changed:

  • Added a Shop button to the main screen
  • Revamped the Shop screen
  • Changed the color of the Pipe button

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We did warn that it wasn’t very much. DeNA and Nintendo have since stated that the 1.0.2 update “is exclusively for addressing known issues” in the spin-off game, which is great for those of us who have grown tired of its consistent problems. Not everyone will be happy with what has been fixed so far but, hopefully, other major issues will be resolved soon too.

Chief among the 1.0.2 update resolutions will be players who have been affected by the 805-9314 error code. This means that you couldn’t play the game depsite linking to your Nintendo account when asked to do so. If you have encountered this bug, you will finally be able to try it out and catch up on the fun that everyone else has been having. You know, if you haven’t been put off by all of the waiting around to play it, that is.

Other notable fixes include making the game playable even if you don’t add a nickname when linking to your Nintendo account, and having access to the game when players transition to the main menu after start-up. There are other bugs that will be resolved in this patch too, so scroll on down to see what these are.

Mario Kart Tour 1.0.2 Update | Patch notes

Mario Kart Tour 1.0.2 Update

For a full rundown of these Mario Kart Tour 1.0.2 update patch notes, you can scan the bullet-point list below and see if any of them will fix your experience. Let’s hope so, for your sake. It can’t be fun having to wait for updates while your friends might be playing bug-free after all.

  • Information in detailed notifications in News may not be displayed correctly on certain devices running Android 4.4
  • If the date changes while the player is viewing the screen showing the badge they received for completing a challenge, an error will be displayed and the game will become unplayable
  • On certain devices, the game may become unplayable when the race-results screen is displayed after the player has changed their control method to Drift
  • The game may become unplayable if a nickname is not entered when linking to a Nintendo account
  • The game may become unplayable when players transition to the main screen after the game starts up
  • Certain players may encounter error code 805-9413 after linking a Nintendo account and become unable to play the game
  • The conditions for obtaining Grand Stars shown on the results screen of certain Bonus Challenges are incorrectly listed if the game’s language is set to Simplifed Chinese