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Apex Legends Season 3 map details | World’s Edge changes, named locations, train route

Along with the new Legend Crypto, Apex Legends Season 3 brings a brand new map to Respawn’s FPS battle royale. The Apex Legends World’s Edge map takes players to a new planet, entirely separate from the previous King’s Canyon map. This guide details the Apex Legends map changes coming in Season 3, including the Season 3 map named locations and the World’s Edge map train route.

Apex Legends Season 3 | Map details

Apex Legends Season 3 Map details the epicenter (1)

EA allowed certain YouTubers and influencers to gain early access to the World’s Edge map, so the Apex Legends community was able to get a good look at it ahead of its October 1 release. YouTuber The Gaming Merchant posted a tour of the map to his channel, detailing its various locations.

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In keeping with Season 3’s Meltdown theme, the World’s Edge map features lots of both fire and ice. The northeast part of the map, centered around The Epicenter, is covered in ice, while the southern part of the map contains lots of lava. In general, the map presents many visually and structurally distinct locations that focus on long-range combat, with many open areas. As such, it’s also a good deal larger than King’s Canyon. We’ll go over each named location briefly below.

  • The Epicenter
    • An icy crater with a massive ice crystal growing out of its center. The ice structures prevent the crater from making players too vulnerable. Zip lines lead up to a metal structure beneath the ice crystal.
  • Lava Fissure
    • Lava Fissure is a set of buildings and walkways suspended above a large, exposed patch of lava. Below the buildings, a set of zip lines allow players to avoid the lava and traverse underneath the main path. Near the Fissure, there’s a semi-circular structure resembling half of the King’s Canyon Pit location.
  • Capitol City
    • This is a semi-open city covered in ice. It’s similar to Skyhook, but a little less open. It features multi-leveled buildings, a train station, and two parking garages.
  • Drill Site
    • Another big tower (like The Epicenter’s) sits in the middle of this muddy area. Tons of blue shipping crates are piled around the Drill Site between some small, barn-like buildings.
  • The Train Yard
    • This area has more warehouses and other small buildings, with unused train cars full of loot dangling from cables attached to a suspended structure above. Zip lines lead from train car to train car.
  • Skyhook
    • Skyhook is a city comprised of multi-leveled buildings. Some of the taller buildings have zip lines that lead to each floor, allowing for multiple points of entry. A tower in the middle of the city provides a place to look over the whole location, and players can reach a large area on the tower with zip lines.
  • Fuel Depot
    • The Fuel Depot sits between a few canyon-like choke points. It’s comprised of a few small buildings and a metal lookout tower.
  • Overlook
    • Overlook is another small location, hidden relatively out of the way. As its name implies, it overlooks both The Epicenter and Capitol City.
  • Refinery
    • The Refinery is a multi-leveled warehouse with nuclear reactors in the middle of a huge, open valley. Smaller buildings and blue crates surround the main warehouse.
  • Thermal Station
    • This location features a similar tall, central structure to that in The Epicenter, but the crater around the Thermal Station is filled with lava. Metal walkways provide solid ground above the lava. A set of cable cars allow players to zip line down into the center.
  • The Geyser
    • The Geyser is a smaller location in the middle of a canyon, surrounded by a river and lush vegetation. Small buildings dot the area.
  • The Tree
    • Yep, you guessed it: It’s a tall tree. The Tree is surrounded by small buildings and hot springs, with roots of the tree springing out of the ground in a few locations.
  • Sorting Factory
    • The Sorting Factory is another multi-leveled warehouse. It has a rounded form factor and sits in the middle of an open, paved area. Smaller buildings and shipping containers provide cover throughout the area.
  • Lava City
    • This is another city, located in the southeast corner of the map near The Dome. As its name implies, it features both lava and multi-level buildings.
  • The Dome
    • This location is a set of buildings in the middle of a lava-filled, broken stone dome. Walkways branch from building to building and out of the dome into the rest of the map.
  • Secret Area: Sniper’s Ridge
    • North-northwest of the Drill Site, there’s a secret area atop a mountain called Sniper’s Ridge. The loot chests in this location are guaranteed to drop sniper rifles, and the Ridge gives players a nice vantage point to snipe down into Skyhook.

Apex Legends Season 3 | Train route

Apex Legends Season 3 train route

A central element of World’s Edge is the train, which travels around to most major locations on the map. It moves fairly slowly, so players should be able to easily catch up to it in most cases. At the front of the train, there’s a button that allows players to start or stop its movement. The train spawns randomly and can be found by looking at its icon on the map or by finding the glowing blue beam that shoots upward from it in-game.

You can see the full train route in a screenshot of the map overview posted to Reddit. The train follows the gray path drawn around the perimeter of the north end of the map, with a route that leads down past the Thermal Station and the Sorting Factory.