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What is a Mario Kart Tour Quick Ticket?

With all manner of monetization methods and different kinds of Tickets featuring in Nintendo’s new arcade racer on Android and iOS, you may be left wondering what exactly a Mario Kart Tour Quick Ticket is and what it does. If that’s the case, you’re in the right place, as we’ve got everything you need to know about them compiled right here.

How to use Mario Kart Tour Quick Tickets

Mario Kart Tour Quick Ticket

Quick Tickets are used to grant Mario Kart Tour players early access to new Cups, which are like mini-tournaments comprised of three races and a final special event to top them off. After players progress through the game by earning enough Stars, gained by performing well in the aforementioned events within each of the game’s Cups, they’ll eventually start to encounter Cups that are displayed as being under construction.

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An in-game timer will need to be waited out in order to access these later Cups — a game mechanic that should be no stranger to free-to-play mobile game players — though the waiting process can, in fact, be skipped through the use of a Quick Ticket.

If you’re looking to keep making progress and want to get your hands on a Quick Ticket, they can be acquired as Tour Gifts. Most of these require players to be actively subscribed to the Mario Kart Tour Gold Pass for $5 per month, unfortunately, as they cannot be purchased individually either with Coins or Rubies, the latter of which is a premium currency.

One can be earned for free, however, if players elect to complete all challenges within the Tour Challenges 1 section. Firstly you’ll need to complete seven Cups in order to access the game’s Challenges menu, then starts the task of working through the list until everything in the relevant section has been achieved.

Just be sure to use your shiny new Quick Ticket wisely after putting in all that work!