Pokemon Sword and Shield Galarian Kingler teased

With the new Galar region in the upcoming Pokemon Sword and Shield, a number of Pokemon are getting Galarian forms. Now, it seems yet another classic Pokemon will be getting such a form. The official Pokemon Sword and Shield website seems to be teasing a Galarian form for Kingler.

Unlike the Sirfetch’d tease, this latest one comes from the games’ Japanese website, specifically it’s “Super Secret Club” section. Here, sprites of the crab Pokemon Kingler can be seen covering all of the instances of the word “club.” Interestingly enough, a few of these also appear to be the Shiny version of Kingler.

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With the Pokemon being plastered all over the Super Secret Club homepage, many are taking this to mean that something special is coming for Kingler in Pokemon Sword and Shield. The most obvious theory is that Kingler is getting a Galarian form. If this is the case, then a Galarian Kingler would be the fourth Galarian form in the game.

Another more exciting idea is that this isn’t a Galarian Form at all, but a new evolution for Kingler. Kingler itself is the evolution of Krabby. However, unlike some other Pokemon (for example, most of the starters), the Krabby-Kingler line does not have a third evolution.

Of course, it could be that this doesn’t point to a new Pokemon or Galarian form at all. As pointed out above, the images of Kingler do include a few Shiny examples. It could simply be that this is a tease confirming that Shiny Pokemon will be in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Whatever this tease may be hinting at, fans will probably not have to wait long to find out. Nintendo is hosting a 24 hour live stream for Pokemon Sword and Shield on Friday, October 4, starting at 9:00 AM EDT. The company will most likely reveal what this tease is for around then.