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Mario Kart Tour Goats | Take out 5 goats challenge

The Mario Kart Tour goats seem to have stumped a lot of people. One of this week’s tasks wants you to complete a take out 5 goats challenge, but there’s some confusion over how to go about it. If you want to know where to find goats and what tracks have goats to complete this challenge, you’ll need our help. You can read this Mario Kart goats guide for all of the details you’ll need. Get the lowdown with our tips and then get ready to go-at for gold. Sorry, not sorry.

Mario Kart Tour Goats | Tracks with goats

Mario Kart Tour Goats

To start you off on your Mario Kart Tour goats quest, let’s run down what tracks are the best ones to pick to complete this.

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First, you’ll need to unlock the Daisy Cup. Once you have, and we’re sure you’ll have done so by now, you’ll need to pick these tracks to find the goats:

  • Daisy Hills
  • Daisy Hills T
  • Daisy Hills R

Sure, there are only three tracks here, but there are multiple goats scattered across these courses. As such, you’ll easily be able to knock five of them into the air and secure your goat tossing bragging rights.

Mario Kart Tour Goats | Best character and reward

Mario Kart Tour Goats

Your best bet here is to use Daisy and select 50cc mode too. Your kart will go slower as a result and, with Daisy as your playable character, you’ll potentially unlock her frenzy mode by playing as her on one of her favored tracks.

Frenzy mode lets you get three items from one item box, which is useful for hitting those goats with. All you have to do then is either hit the goats with any shells you get or simply run into them to send them up into the air. If you can, get all five goats in one race to save you replaying it. Once you complete this challenge, you’ll get the Chomp Chomp badge as a reward.